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Document The multimodal transport

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NWB No. 2 of January 10, 2000 page 99 compartment 28 page 845

The multimodal transport

by lawyer Dr. Björn-Axel Dißars, Hamburg

I. Introduction

It has been since thennew freight, forwarding and storage law in force. It has brought about a standardization of the previously fragmented legal matter of transport law. In any case, the transport of goods by road, rail, inland waterway vessel and airplane are subject to the same regulations. In the course of the new regulation of the transport law, the legislator has alsoProvisions inserted theregulate multimodal transport. For multimodal transport (synonymous with: "multimodal transport", "combined transport", "mixed transport", "through freight contract") there was no comprehensive legal regulation; Legal provisions were only found on individual issues, for example in Art. 18 Para. 3 Warsaw Convention for international air traffic, in Art. 2 CMR for international road freight traffic (piggyback or ro-ro traffic) and in Art. 28, 48 CIM for international rail traffic. The previously applicable law took from the fact that has been known for decades that freight contracts are often with various means of transport be carried out, so hardly any notice. These legal mates ...

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