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BTS x Jungkook (Special !!)

This chapter has been translated into German and Filipino as a small thank you to all of my readers in Germany and The Philippines! (I picked based off of my books demographics, I chose two non-english speaking countries with the highest number of readers for this. The Philippines was in first place, The UK being second but they speak English so the third was Germany.)

Nobody is POV-The youngest member of the group was sitting in front of the couch in the living room. A coloring book "My Little Pony" sat on the coffee table, a half-color picture of Fluttershy with a pink crayon adorned the open book. Jungkook ignored the book, his head was on the couch. Jimin sat behind him, playing with his hair. The older boy looked down at Jungkook and smiled overwhelmed at his innocence. They had all promised to keep him clean as long as possible, though it was difficult. Jimin gently pulled his hair and let his head fall back a little. Jungkook was asleep when the singer ran his fingers against his scalp in calming movements almost two hours ago. His mouth was slightly ajar as he snored softly and made cute little noises. The older one kept playing with his hair and was glad that none of the members had ruined the moment. Until now, Taehyung had run down the stairs to get the hoodie he stumbled upon n left on the floor. He tumbled down the rest of the stairs before falling to the floor and moaning in pain. "fuck," he muttered, carefully getting up, "what did you just say?" A loud scream came from the kitchen when Jin came out with a wooden spoon he had recently used in boiling water. Jimin rolled his eyes and looked at the boy again, relieved that he hadn't woken up. Taehyung covered his head with his hands, still painful from the staircase incident. "You don't know how to curse at all, especially in front of Jungkook!" He yelled and pointed at the sleeping boy when he saw Jimin staring at them both, "He's sleeping." He whispered. Both boys looked at the beauty and smiled and started a conversation about how adorable he was when a sudden noise pulled them all out of their own little worlds. He moaned. Jin stared at Jungkook with big eyes and covered his mouth with his hand . Jimin looked down at him as his hands left his hair and fell to his sides. Taehyung gasped and fell to the floor, a little exaggerated, but that was expected of Tae. Jimin raised one of his hands, lightly grasped his hair, and pulled gently. Jungkook let out a similar sounding groan. Two of the boys in the room were feeling hard, Taehyung blushing in embarrassment that this was all to get him a painful erection. The silence in the room caused confusion for the rappers upstairs, Jin never stopped screaming for no reason. This drew the two older rappers into the living room and Hoseok inclined his head as everyone stood completely still, "Guys? What are you guys doing?" Hoseok spoke softly, although it sounded compared to the quiet of the apartment that had existed only moments before. Instead of saying anything that surprised her, Jimin quickly pulled the dark brown locks again and achieved the same result. The two men blushed red and watched in shock when the youngest started to open his eyes and looked around in confusion as to why everyone was staring at him. "Hello Hyungies!" He screamed and smiled, his smile fading when no one answered, which led him to believe they were all mad at her. The thought tore him apart, which left everyone else in the same state of confusion as he was when he woke up. The boy jumped from his place, hair in Jimin's fingers pulling him well, and Jungkook fell back and moaned softly, covering his face. Instinctively, he curled up in a ball and demanded that one member not look at him as if he had become a tentacle. "N-namjoonie!" His voice startled the others, Taehyung even startled when he thought Namjoon would be angry with them for disturbing the Maknae. The leader ran down the stairs, grabbed the youngest in his arms and wrapped him in hugs. "What's up, baby? Are hyungs mean to you?" Jungkook shook his head and tried to explain that the looks made him uncomfortable, but before he could say anything else, "He's got a hair-raising kink" The high-pitched voice obviously belonged to Jimin and the older man looked at him with an illegible expression. " And how would you know this Jimin ah? " He asked in a stern but gentle voice, trying to clear the problem while calming Taehyung, who was in the middle of a panic attack, "II - I pulled his hair in an accident ... and he groaned." Namjoon looked at him gently and nodded before concentrating on Taehyung, still carefully holding the youngest in his arms, "Tae, it's okay, you know. I'm not going to scream." The second youngest looked up at him as if he had only spoken French, German, and Spanish at once. "Y-you're not?" Namjoon shook his head and watched him calm down, looking at Jungkook, who had been hiding his face in the older man's neck since Jimin mentioned kinks. Everyone knew Jungkook was innocent. Words that had anything to do with sex, or something related to it, made him nervous because he didn't understand them even though he knew he should. Namjoon stroked his hair gently, trying to calm the boy down. "Jungkook, it's okay to like certain things." He thought for a moment, “I'll be a sadist if it helps.” Some members looked at him. "He doesn't know what that dipshit means." Yoongi said and went over to take the boy from his arms. Namjoon reluctantly handed it over to the elder, "Even so, he may be better if he knows some of our tricks." The Maknae felt his ears burn as he clung to Yoongi's shirt and moaned softly into his shoulder. Next, Jin spoke, he had the feeling that it was his oldest hyung, mainly his job, which contributed to it that the youngest felt better. "I like to be called an oppa." His voice was small but heard. Hoseok looked at him with a playful grin. "It's a shame you're not a baby". He joked and watched the older man's face flare a bright red, "Shut up! I could dominate your ass if I wanted a handsome boy." Jin pressed him against a wall and watched with satisfaction as the grin left his face. An uncomfortable cough came behind them, everyone stared at them except Jungkook, who had covered his ears when the whole ordeal began. Jin sighed and crossed his arms and let the younger one go. Hoseok looked at Taehyung as if to say it next. The second youngest looked at him for a moment and took a deep breath. "I like being mistreated or being mistreated. I am a switch. Punishments are also a turning point." He mumbled softly and played with his fingers, and Jungkook groaned loudly. "I don't want to know anything about it! You are more embarrassing!" . "I like my subs being brats, so I can punish the hell out of them. I don't hesitate to do it to you." Jungkook, unaware of what he meant when he said punishing - assuming he just had extra chores to do - continued to wiggle just for Yoongi to go up the stairs, "Hyung, what are you doing?" Jimin asked, reaching for his shirt. (Please don't go out with the Yoonmin stuff. I'm not kidding.) The older man pushed his hand off his clothes and motioned for all the members to follow him. He went into his room and locked the door. The rapper spoke roughly, the horniness expressed his voice clearly. Taehyung went back and locked the door with a small * click *. Yoongi threw the boy on his bed and told him not to move before digging something under his bed. It was a small box. The second oldest put it on his bedside table. "Sit up now." He ordered and Jungkook listened and got on his knees. Yoongi opened the box and handed Namjoon some items that the youngest could not identify. Then he pulled out something Jungkook knew about. It was a tie. "Are you putting on a suit?" He asked unsuspectingly. Yoongi shook his head and wrapped the dark material around the boys' eyes, further confusing him. "Hyungie, that's not how you wear a tie." With his sight, the elder removed a deep chuckle, "I know. But don't you dare touch it." Forcing Jungkook to lie down again, he took his hands and tied them to the headboard. The Maknae freaked out and tried to let go of his hands while breathing heavily, "H-hyung-t-take it off." He said in a shaky voice and winced slightly when someone started to run his thumb over his cheek. Jungkook slowly calmed down, trying to hold back the tears that came with the panic, "Baby, I promise it will be okay, you just have to calm down? We won't hurt you. You just have to trust us, okay?" The boy nodded, completely reassured now. He didn't understand what he meant by pain, the hell he didn't think they hurt him first. Now he was just confused. "Do you remember how I said I was punishing you properly?" He nodded again, and Yoongi carefully slapped the boy on the stomach, making sure the rope around his wrists wasn't too tight. "We'll do the safe word color system, okay?" Jungkook let out a little "okay" and waited for him to explain. "If it doesn't hurt and you're okay, you say green. If you want us to keep going green. It becomes like a traffic light. When it hurts and you only need a minute or two to calm down or do it Take a break, it's yellow. And if you want us to stop completely when the pain is unbearable or you get too tired or sensitive, say red and we'll stop and it's over. "Yoongi made sure he explained the best he could and gave himself props. He had never given anyone a sure word system in which he thought they would be able to accept, but this was their precious baby that they wanted to stay innocent - until now - and it would be damned if they hurt him against his will would. Jungkook nodded and tried to hold his hand but remembered they were tied up, Yoongi grabbed Jungkook's pants, pulled the pants down and gave the youngest member a gasp. "H-hyung, what is ..." The older one quickly silenced him and played with the thin part of the thong the boy was on. "Why are you wearing panties, baby?" He asked, snapping it. " T-they're soft ... "Jungkook hid his face in the pillow. "There's nothing to be upset about baby, I think you look absolutely beautiful. What do you guys think?" He asked the rest of the members and received some comments on how handsome he was. "Do you remember the safe colors?" Jungkook nodded before he felt a hand come hard on his ass, the sound bouncing across the room like his whimper. Yoongi repeated the action a few more times and watched the boy try to squirm. "Use your words." He continued until Jungkook's ass turned red and he whined, "y-yellow .." The oldest paused and massaged his bum lightly, "Wasn't it that bad, was it baby?" Jungkook shook his head and gasped when he was turned back around, "C-can I go downstairs now?" He asked softly and pulled on the limits again, "Not yet Kook, we're just getting started." Yoongi got out of bed, left Jungkook blind, and was stuck. “Don't worry, I'm not leaving the room.” Yoongi grabbed a few items from the box before undressing and leaving Jungkook's shirt alone (as he was already tied). He slipped a cock ring on the boy and let the cold piece of metal at the base of his cock gasp for air. "C-cold ..", he muttered, squeezing his thighs together, "Jimin, go down the throat, okay?" Jimin nodded and took off his pants and tossed them with his boxers. He moved to spread Jungkook's neck, making sure not to put all his weight on him so that he would not strangle him. His cock brushed the younger man's lips, and he parted and choked as the older pushed everything down his throat. "Taehyung, bottom right? Can you ride him? Or prepare him first, whatever." Taehyung nodded and undressed, crawling onto the bed between Jungkook's legs. He poured some of the banana-scented lubricant Yoongi had given him earlier on his fingers and carefully inserted one into the maknaes virgin hole. Jungkook whimpered around Jimin and tried to move his hips. Yoongi grabbed Jimin's waist and forced him to pull his cock out of the youngest man's mouth. "Color baby?" "G-Green Hyung." Yoongi released Jimin and let him fuck his throat again, Taehyung slowly adding fingers at a time until he had four. Jungkook groaned as he pulled himself out and added lube to the young, now throbbing erection. The second youngest slowly sank down on him and groaned softly before jumping. Yoongi grinned at the sight and pushed Namjoon forward on his back. "Go on, take his virginity. You know he wants you to have it, you are his favorite." Namjoon moved behind Taehyung, grabbed Jungkook's thighs and straightened himself before sliding in and moaning deeply. Jungkook screamed around Jimin, tears streaming down his cheeks as he tried to speak. Jimin's hips jerked forward and stuttered for a moment before lowering his neck. He pulled away from him, watched Jungkook cough and choke "yellow". At one point he swallowed the sperm, the other two boys had stopped moving and were waiting for him to tell them it was okay. They both looked back at Yoongi, who stepped forward and carefully cupped the boys' cheeks. "Are you okay, Kook?" "G-Green Hyung-" he scratched, his throat rough. Yoongi nodded to the guys who continued. He bent down and kissed Jungkook deeply and passionately. Jungkook groaned into his mouth and let the older one endure without a fight. The oldest rapper bit his lip and chewed lightly on them until they bled easily. They were swollen when he pulled back and he just stared at the boy with pride; it wasn't long before Taehyung splashed on Jungkook's chest and Namjoon ended up in him. They both crawled off the bed, Tae was carried into the bathroom by the leader so they could tidy up, and Yoongi looked down at the boy who was already completely fucked. "Can you just take a little more baby? You're almost there." Jungkook nodded sleepily, out of mind to understand what he was talking about. If he hadn't blindfolded, Yoongi would have noticed immediately that the boy had fallen into a headspace, but he was clueless and thought he was im Moment of Jimin couldn't speak. Yoongi grabbed Hoseok's hand and pushed him towards the boy, "I'm ah ... I'm okay Hyung." He said, point back to Jin. "He wasn't lying ..." he whispered, gently rubbing his bum. Yoongi sighed, sat on the bed and pulled off the boy's cock ring. "I'm just okay? Don't worry, I'll do it quickly." He pushed himself into the no longer long virgin boy. Jungkook groaned loudly and almost instantly came to his chest, feeling mixed up with Taehyung. Yoongi groaned at the impact, setting a fast pace and squeezing hard so as not to overtax the Maknae more than too much. Jungkook let out little screams and yelps and bent down with every movement Yoongi made. He pulled the ropes off his arms and felt how he immediately wrapped himself around the older man. The rapper looked Jungkook in the eye and immediately noticed how wide he looked, Yoongi came suddenly, doubling in pleasure as he got out, removed Jungkook's blindfold and sat him on his lap. “Are you okay baby?” He couldn't catch the little “reds” the boy had mumbled and was trying to get him to talk when he suddenly started crying. That was when he realized she was him forced into a headspace. He snuggled up with the boy, patted his head and whispered sweet treats in his ear, and about half an hour later the boy calmed down, clung to his hyung, and fell asleep."I love Hyung ..." he mumbled quietly and Yoongi smiled as he put him to sleep. He went down the stairs to find the rest of the members and called them all back to his room, and after they had all piled up again, Yoongi gently stroked Jungkook's hair and woke him up. “Baby, can you tell them what you told me?” Jungkook looked a little dazed but nodded and held the sheets. "love m-my hyungs ..." they all cooed at the gentle but sweet sight, piled on the bed and botched the youngest member in all the love and care they could offer. It didn't take long for Maknae to fall asleep again and they all smiled as they lay carefully around him so that no one could fall off, they wanted him to understand how much they loved him and planned a nice day for him tomorrow. They knew it was going to hurt him and decided not to go overboard but instead provide him with lots of love, cuddles, kisses, and massages in case he decided he wanted them too. It took each member a moment to give him a little kiss all over his face, lips, cheeks, forehead and everywhere as long as they were all getting it. It took a while for everyone to calm down, but when they did, Yoongi smiled because his favorite part of the plan was to challenge him all; you could finally call him yours. (3074 words) Here it goes - it's rubbish after all