Lawyers have a lot of stress

Legal Profession: Staying Healthy Even When Things Get Stressful

  • Even today's self-confident lawyer has to shoot a lot in his spare time in order to make a strong impression. These run-of-the-mill leek figures are not taken for full - so get on with your iron!

    Shoot the crowd!
  • So I don't know where the problem is, I've set up a fitness trail in my corner office, which my secretary and colleagues also have to fight their way through first if they want to have a face-to-face conversation with me. I have no mercy then, after all I can't afford more sick days from these. I also hold regular tug-of-war competitions there. I only dictate my briefs in the push-up position, because that's the best way to scroll through the comments at the same time, which is a bit more difficult with the sit-ups and pull-ups. To regenerate, I had a barrel of ice water installed for me, where I can then take my ice bath. And so that everything becomes smooth again, two Thai masseuses are permanently employed, which I found fairer, so that they can take turns. In addition, the star chef I trust delivers my fitness sushi including superfood directly on the desk, so that it goes well with my coconut water. So it can be wonderfully integrated into everyday office life. No more "Mr. Kimble, I wanna go to the bathroom" - No, there is no bathroom!

  • I think we all agree that this post is pretty off the mark? Nice next to it, so to speak.

    Peter Palandt
  • Today, filled with stress, we're eating more fast food and on the run. Instead of 30 minutes for lunch and leave the problems to one side and choose a restaurant to our liking on the menu. Then walking back to the service will help your metabolism.

  • You refer to I love myself and help very often.

  • Comments sound like GDR - post-war literature from the 1950s and 1960s -
    read in the 70s.

  • "or have worked highly concentrated for three hours"
    That is not biologically possible. the body acts in 90 minute cycles.
    Those who regularly only take a break after 3 hours are playing with their health. And what for? To amass money. Nobody needs more than 30,000 euros a year to be able to live well. Starting at 50,000, there is no longer any gain in quality of life. Is scientifically proven. Everything else is greed.

  • I can't understand the sarcasm here. As a specialist in labor law and social security law, I can only confirm that overwork and stress are risk factors that should be taken seriously. Anyone who thinks they don't need it because they have to deliver shouldn't cry afterwards when their capabilities are gone and nobody needs to hope for the welfare state today. You don't have to go through the health craze right away, but I bought a standing desk, for example, and it was worth it. Since then no more back problems. Less stress, no precursors to tinnitus. That is quite tangible. The clients that I have lost to their death in recent years: All overweight men and / or smokers over 50.

    The FA Labor Law and SozR
  • Scene: a cafĂ© somewhere on the globe

    Woman in a dark costume, around 35, mobile phone rings constantly, waiting impatiently for her coffee, which she ordered 10 seconds ago, has to go to the meeting with her colleagues, then to the airport, tomorrow morning at 5 a preliminary meeting at the client's company, at 8 There is a negotiation, wolf down a cookie, no time for lunch

    Next to her: a freak who enjoys his breakfast in peace, looks at the people, on the way to his painting room he will stop by friends, have a chat, then continue painting in comfort, sleep in tomorrow ...

    "I am a lawyer"

    "Not me !"

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