Who can help with FIFA Mobile 17

A hit on the go too

On the home consoles and the PC, Electronic Arts' "Fifa" series is the measure of all things for football fans. The current "Fifa 17" was also able to convince fans and critics almost entirely. With "Fifa Mobile" for iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile, the smartphone and tablet offshoot of the soccer simulation has been available free of charge in the app stores for a few weeks now. And it does surprisingly well - as our test shows - sporadic technical tastes are ignored.

Successful entry

Before we get down to business in Fifa Mobile, a charmingly made tutorial is on the agenda. Penalty shootouts using swiping gestures, pass training by simply tapping on teammates, an audition game shortened to a few minutes - at this point the free-to-play game makes it unmistakably clear that it is primarily aimed at casual and on-the-go players. True to the motto: Everyone should be able to have fun quickly without having to laboriously work their way through.

The attack mode: scoring goals on the assembly line

Once you have completed the first warm-up exercises, a virtual map of the world becomes the focus of attention. Different challenges appear here depending on the game mode. The brand new attack mode, for example, is about scoring goals in short games against artificial intelligence.

The exciting thing here: As the name suggests, the action actually only takes place in the opposing half of the field. If you score a goal, shoot out of bounds, or if your opponent succeeds in getting the ball into the other half of the field, a short fade follows and Fifa Mobile generates the next attack situation. That sounds strange at first, but in practice it ensures a high entertainment value, especially since one dangerous goal situation chases the next.

Important: Defending in your own half of the field is not shown. Rather, Fifa Mobile simulates this part of the match on the basis of the previously selected team exhibition and the attributes of the individual players in the team. In order to achieve lasting success, it is therefore essential to spice up your own troops - greetings from "Fifa Ultimate Team" - with unlockable player trading cards.

Another adrenaline rush: In attack mode, you only ever complete the first half of a game. In the second half, Fifa Mobile then hands over to another online player, whose task is now to outbid the result presented.

Coins, experience points, fans

Fans are the reward for the effort after every game of attack mode you win. If you have enough together, your own team rises in the division rankings. In addition, the reward system offers coins and experience points. The former are used, among other things, to create your own online leagues and to activate new player card packages, as known from the "Fifa Ultimate Team" mode. However, if you like, you can give coins to other online players as well.

Experience points, on the other hand, help to achieve further experience levels, which in turn comes with unlocking new tactics, stadiums, game modes and the like. In addition, every level up fills the stamina bar. This gauge represents your team's fitness and decreases whenever you play a game, participate in training challenges, and so on.

Do you like it more traditional? Then you will probably feel at home in Season Mode. This simulates a complete league year and confronts you one after the other with each club in the selected league. The matches themselves are very classic. So you have to attack and defend over two halves. However, the tactical finesse of the main game is never achieved. Manually changing certain players is just as impossible as changing tactics in the middle of the game.

The league mode

Once experience rank number eight is unlocked, the league mode is also available - the supreme discipline in Fifa Mobile, so to speak. The procedure is easy to explain: you join an online player's league or create your own. There you can compete with up to 31 other online participants in various game variants such as the already mentioned attack mode or the "Championship" mode, where all league players compete with each other at different times to determine a champion. The "32 against" is also nice 32 "mode. Here 32 players from one league duel with 32 players from another league - also organized asynchronously, of course.

What we like

Regardless of whether you use the intuitive swiping gesture control or shy away from your players across the lawn with the virtual screen gamepad: Fifa Mobile is easily learned and quickly brings success. Because most games and training challenges can be mastered in a few minutes, the title is also perfect for those with a tight time budget. In addition, there is the usual extensive licensing equipment - all 30 leagues, 650 clubs and 16,000 players of the "big" console brothers are on board. Also praise the integrated manual: Here you can read all the details about the game again in peace.

What we don't like

Because Fifa Mobile has to reload data regularly, a permanent internet connection is essential to play. This also applies to the classic season mode, which was actually designed for offline gamers. So if you are in an area with a lack of WiFi or unreliable cellular coverage, you are looking into the tube. Constant loading screens, a disproportionate number of server disconnections (even with stable network coverage), overpriced microtransactions and the lack of women's teams also reduce the fun of the game. The same applies to the fact that EA completely dispenses with commentators.

Another problem point: After about an hour of play, the stamina display of your own team is usually used up and you have to take a break of several minutes until it has recharged itself. Unless, of course, you buy additional stamina at face value in the shop.


The strength of Fifa Mobile is clearly the high level of accessibility. Even casual gamers without any sports game experience can come in within a short time and celebrate their first goals. This is especially true if you use the intuitive tap and gesture control and leave the rest to artificial intelligence. Playing with the virtual gamepad is also okay, but at no time offers the precision that fans are used to from console games. What remains is a nice free kick with the usual free-to-play limitations and exciting online ideas. However, EA urgently needs to get the problem with the fluctuating server stability under control or, alternatively, retrofit a classic offline mode that has earned its name.

Info about the game

Title: Fifa Mobile
Genre: Soccer simulation
Publisher / Manufacturer: Electronic Arts
Release: In trade
Price: Free-to-Play (financed through in-app purchases)
System: iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile
USK approval: From 0 years
Rating: Well