How much does water softener cost

Water softener price & costs

If you are about to hard water complain and toy with the idea of ​​getting one To buy water softener, planning is the first step for this. Not only must the right model for the size of the household be selected, the costs should also be calculated precisely. It doesn't just stay with them one-time acquisition costs, it also occurs during operation variable costs, also upcoming and necessary maintenance must be carried out by a professional, these will also be billed. With this article we would like to give you an overview of which Cost of purchasing a water softener actually arise.

Acquisition costs for water softening systems are different

The unique one Water softener price when buying it can vary greatly, as firstly the manufacturer and the model are decisive, but also the size, which in each case is the household or even a company are adjusted. The Starting price starts at around 400 euros, but it can also up to 2000 euros become. Inexpensive models are for example the Water2buy 200 and Water2buy 500. Devices for water softening in the private sector are mostly designed for households with up to 10 people (e.g. Water2buy 800), whereas a water softener for an industrial company softens water for up to 100 people. The cost range is accordingly.

Is it worth the purchase?

Usually the question is whether to buy one
Softening system is worthwhile at all, depending on how high the Degree of hardness in your home is. If this exceeds a certain value, it makes perfect sense to buy such a system for water softening. The average in Germany is 16 ° dH, but experts recommend a guideline value of 7 ° dH in order to avoid damage to electrical appliances. If the value is a lot higher, the purchase is always recommended, because then the softening of your water is more and more important. Because you are thinking about that Wear and tear of your electronic devices in the householdwho work with water every day, for example the dishwasher or the Washing machine. Self small lines and Tube can quickly with Limescale deposits are added and their function is impaired. If in doubt, consult an expert or ask your local drinking water supplier.

Those are the variable water softener costs

Also the variable costs for a water softener are different. Not every device consumes as much as others with the same performance. Some softeners work more efficiently than others, this means that the costs differ. Water softeners are commercially available that time-controlled are, but also some that according to water level
are. A water-level-controlled softener needs regeneration salt, which has to be bought in pound sacks.

The drive is also always different. Once will be with electricity (Grünbeck softilQ: SC18, Aquintos Top-Line MKC 32) worked, other attachments work with Hydropower. So the question is what type of softener is used and what energy is used to operate the system. If you use more water and have harder water, the price of the variable water softener increases automatically.

If an average of the running water softener costs is calculated, they are between around € 0.20 and € 0.40 per day. This value is calculated from the benefit of the system and the resulting saved follow-up costscaused by the operation of the system. For example, consider the damage and thus new costs that could arise if you were very sensitive high degree of hardness and the washing machine is damaged every 6 months. First and foremost, limescale deposits destroy washing machines and dishwashers.

Costs for the maintenance of a water softener

Also the Maintenance costs for a water softener are very different from manufacturer to manufacturer. The effort required for maintenance is also decisive here. Some companies charge for one complete maintenancewhich should be carried out annually, 100 €. Others ask for it too 200 €. How often a water softening system has to be serviced, however, in turn depends on the degree of water hardness and the flow rate that the system has to provide. Some customers report that their softener only needs maintenance every 3 years. However, in order to operate a DVGW-certified system correctly and hygienically, you should factor in annual maintenance.


How high the actual costs for a water softening system are ultimately depends on your individual case.

The fact is that the clever use of a water softener can also save money (longer lifespan of electrical appliances, less detergent consumption, etc.) - so you shouldn't consider this purchase as useless, but as an investment in yourself and your household. Here's a comparison of the water softening systems!