What is a good stock market simulator

Which are recommended?

There are already quite a few day trading simulators, but unfortunately only very few of them are really recommended. This is mainly because you want to use a day trading simulator to prepare for trading on the stock exchange with real money. Be it a beginner who wants to acquire some routine and experience with a trading simulator, or an advanced or professional who wants to test a new strategy for its suitability. However, many trading simulators are very far removed from real conditions on the stock exchange and do not reflect the real market situation. A strategy that works well in the stock market simulation can then totally fail when trading with real money. That is why it is so important to have a realistic day trading simulator available.
On this website we would like to show you how you can recognize good day trading simulators and of course also present one with which we are very satisfied.

For all those who do not want to deal with the matter in more detail, but simply need a good day trading demo account quickly, we can recommend that from Plus500. The advantages of this day trading demo account are obvious: It uses the real live stock exchange prices, can be used free of charge for an unlimited period of time, takes the broker's fees into account and can be used quickly without providing personal data. You won't find a better one at the moment.
You can easily get such a demo account by clicking on "Try the free demo"click and then enter an e-mail address and a password as your login data. The user interface will open and you can start trading with € 40,000 in demo money. With the login data entered (e-mail Address and password) you can log into your account again and again and pick up exactly where you left off. As you can see, it's very easy and, above all, fast.
With Plus500 you always have a TOP demo account with which you can prepare yourself perfectly for trading with real money, or check your new approaches for their suitability!

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Quality features for day trading simulators

For all those who would like to find out more about day trading simulators, we show you on our website which criteria you can use to assess trading simulators and, above all, to recognize bad ones.
The reason that there are so many inferior day trading simulators is that many online brokers only use them to catch customers. You are not interested in providing a simulator that is as realistic as possible, but one that prompts the trader to switch to trading with real money as quickly as possible, because this is the only way an online broker earns from its traders. Various tricks are used for this. For example, the fees are not taken into account in the stock market simulations so that the trader can be more successful. Also, many day trading simulators do not use the real live stock market prices, but provide their own prices that are issued by software. It is of course easy to design the course in favor of the trader. With all of this, some online brokers simply want the trader to have a sense of achievement in demo mode and, encouraged by this, to switch to real money trading as quickly as possible. We don't need to explain to you that profits are no longer so easy to realize there.
How you can recognize such black sheep and what you should pay attention to with the trading simulator of your choice, we show you here: Recommended trading simulators

Day trading tips for beginners

For those of you who want to take your first steps in the world of stocks, funds, commodities and indices with a trading simulator, we also have a few tips in store. In any case, you are already on the right track with a trading simulator, because many people rush to get started and start trading with real money far too early. For this you usually just need a certain routine and experience, which you can acquire with the help of a trading simulator; at least if it is realistic.
Our tips are intended to spare you typical beginner mistakes that almost every beginner inevitably makes, unless they have been advised of this beforehand. And that's exactly what we want to do here.
So if you are interested in our tips, you will find it here: Day trading tips for beginners

Tip: share simulator with dividend distribution

By the way: If you are primarily interested in speculating on stock prices, then the stock simulator of your choice should definitely also take the dividend distribution into account. After all, this is an important factor for many investment strategies. This is of course included in the Plus500 trading simulator recommended by us! :)