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Courses in first aid for children in Stuttgart, Esslingen, Tübingen

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... Special times require special measures ...
We are currently running our first aid courses for children online - more details under "Online Meetings via Zoom"!

Imagine: Your child urgently needs your first aid and you know how to act quickly and effectively!
You manage to stay calm and do the right thing at the crucial moment!
Would you like to be able to do that too?

Anyone can learn first aid on children!
We show you how it works.

For all those who look after children: parents, grandparents, babysitters, carers, educators, child minders (the course is recognized as part of the compulsory follow-up training in first aid) and anyone interested! In our comprehensive first aid courses, learn the basics of life-saving emergency measures in infancy and childhood in theory and practice.

In addition, we also answer your more everyday questions:

  • When should I even lower my fever?
  • What belongs in the house and first-aid kit?
  • How do I act properly if I fall from the changing table?
  • What to do in case of scalds / poisoning?
  • Are there any homeopathic / "natural" alternatives? …and much more
  • Learn to keep a "cool head"!

As practicing paediatricians with many years of experience, even mothers, we know the worries about a sick child very well, also from a parent's perspective.

Take the opportunity to ask us any other questions you have on the subject of “child health”!

Children up to the age of approx. 4 months are welcome to bring them to all courses.

We look forward to you!

Dr. med. Sandra Umlauf Dr. med. Barbara Eisenhardt
Pediatrician, Neonatologist Pediatrician

"At first I was skeptical whether the online course would meet my expectations. But the course was so entertaining and informative (also thanks to the inserted videos) that it exceeded my expectations by far !! Thank you!" Gerlinde Becker

"The open question and answer session at the end is great, in which the two doctors responded to all of my concerns. You can tell that there is a lot of love and passion behind it." Julia

I now feel much more confident in dealing with my child! Also technically well implemented! Was great THANK YOU! Jan S.

Course content

The range of courses includes the following: Our course in first aid for children is designed to prepare you for the unexpected. With us you will initially learn the life-saving first aid measures for infants and children in accordance with the current guidelines ...

Course duration and costs

Information about our face-to-face courses: The course duration is approx. 4 hours in total. The number of participants is limited to 16 people, with the practical exercises being carried out in small groups in order to be able to supervise you individually. Are you ...