Your cat has a favorite person

How do you recognize a cat's caregiver?

In a multi-person household with a pet, it is often not easy to find the caregiver of the four-legged friend. Cats in particular are very headstrong conspecifics.

With dogs you can see immediately who they belong to. But cats are much more solitary than dogs. Cats are often stubborn and also a little eccentric. They only do what they want.

If a cat has something on its mind, this is how it has to go. That is why it is usually the kittens who choose their favorite person all by themselves. No matter how hard you try, if the cat thinks that someone else should be its caregiver, then it is and will mostly be that way.

Hello, favorite person! Your cat is here.

Have you ever tried to win a kitten's heart? With the most expensive cat food, the most unusual toys and the most comfortable cat beds? Everything for the cat! Not only in the truest sense of the word, but also in a figurative sense.

Because while you invest huge sums of money, tons of time and a lot of feeling that the kitten loves you, these efforts are not remotely of interest to your house tiger. A cat chooses its favorite person all by itself.

Why is that only? How can you become the kitten's caregiver? These questions are not easy to answer. Most of all, your cat's ignorance of anything you are trying to get their attention is due to the nature of the velvet paw itself.

Cats are not naive idiots who wag their tails and enthusiastically show you tricks or fetch the toy. Therefore, the desire to become a cat caregiver has to be approached differently than, for example, with dogs.

With a cat, more attention and more effort does not mean that the path also leads to the goal. In fact, sometimes that is the wrong approach. That is why it is not immediately advisable that you ignore your velvet paw and punish it with complete disinterest.

With cats, however, you often have to piss off a little to pique their interest. Give her her freedom and freedom of choice as to when she comes to you, wants to play with you and the like.

How do you know who is the kitten's caregiver?

While becoming the cat's caregiver is not that easy, it is all the easier to recognize the kitten's favorite human being. This is really usually clearly visible at a glance. What do you ask yourself? For example, if this caregiver comes home and the cat, wherever it was before (sometimes even after it was deeply asleep), rushes over to greet this loved one, that's a pretty clear sign.

In addition, cats turn to these people when they are hungry or want to play. The kitten mews happily at the person, purrs and stretches relaxed when they are petted by this person. It also partially marks people by rubbing their head against them.

Sometimes she flatters his legs when he just gets out of bed in the morning with the sheer joy of finally seeing her favorite person again.

The house tiger likes to lie down next to or even on top of his caregiver for long cuddles. Every now and then this bond goes so far that the cat's favorite person only has to call it or make a certain luring noise and the kitten rises from deep sleep or leaves its food behind to answer the call of the caregiver. But then the bond is already very intense and in such a case you would no longer need to interpret all of the previous signs.

Cats are headstrong and therefore it is their sole will that either makes you a happy caregiver or someone else. You have little influence on that.