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NP editors have tips for the series or home theater marathon.

Homecoming and Heroes

This Oscar winner ennobles a TV series: Julia Roberts plays in "Homecoming“(From 16, Amazon Prime, German version from 2019) the psychologist Heidi, who is supposed to prepare war veterans for a return to life in a remote clinic. The ten episodes (only 30 minutes each!) Have a second level: two years later, Heidi is working as a waitress - and doesn't remember anything when a clerk from the Ministry of Defense grabs her. Oppressive Hitchcock images, a material that could have been made by George Orwell.

The series for the summer hit “Bella Ciao”. In the Spanish series "House of money“(From 16, Netflix) gangsters attack the Spanish sheet music printing company, take hostages and simply print their loot themselves. The viewer walks 22 episodes with “Tokyo” (photo), “Berlin” and “Moscow” through ups and downs and experiences the duel between the professor who meticulously planned the coup and the inspectora.

One can argue about the blatant breaks between Volker Kutscher's crime novel and the TV series "Babylon Berlin" (from 12). One can be upset that the 40 million project was only broadcast a year after Sky in the ARD and the 16 episodes were only briefly in the media library. Or buy the series box (around 35 euros) and immerse yourself in the opulently staged moral painting of Berlin in 1929. Great cinema.

Sitcom and school drama

On January 25th the time has come: "Pastewka“Starts with a new, ninth season on Amazon Prime. Reason enough to enjoy watching the old eight seasons again over Christmas to get back on track. Because the new episodes start where the old ones left off: in total chaos (photo). Of course, all old Pastewka acquaintances such as Anke Engelke, Hugo Egon Balder, but also ex-girlfriend Anne alias Sonsee Neu appear ...

Dogs of Berlin“Is a German drama series from Netflix, which is about drugs, football betting, right-wing extremism, fringe groups, mafia, corruption and much more. Highly exciting and captivating - finally a German story with an addictive factor.

The title sounds a bit like a nice high school film, but the impression of this Spanish series is dramatically deceptive: "Elite“Is a highly dramatic thriller on Netflix. Three working-class teenagers go to an exclusive private school on a scholarship. They quickly realize that they are not welcome here. You get caught up in a vortex of intrigue, wounded vanities, greed for money, lies, betrayal and drugs. Eventually the events culminated in a murder. By the way: Anyone who knows “House of Money” will meet familiar faces with Jaime Lorente (Nano), María Pedraza (Marina) and Miguel Herrán (Christian).

Wisdom and love

This is the end: "The crime scene cleaner" leave us. Last Wednesday we were allowed to amuse ourselves in the last episode ("Thirty-one") on NDR how sober Schotty (great: Bjarne Mädel, photo) lets out his wisdom while he removes blood or other traces of violent crime. Fortunately, the seven seasons of the cult series can be seen on public TV until January on One or on NDR. Those who pay can also laugh about Schotty on Sky or Amazon Prime or on DVD.

Seeing with the palate: In "Cooking is a matter for the boss“Julien Boisselier plays the brilliant but unrecognized chef Stanislas. Finally he ends up in the kitchen of the famous star chef Alexandre Lagarde (Jean Reno). He has to deal with the new boss of a financial group who owns his gourmet restaurant. A wonderfully funny film about the love of cooking.

It's a bit older, but the topic is brand new: In "Turkish for Beginners“The old hippie mother Doris falls in love with the Turkish inspector Metin Öztürk. The two move in together, the children have to go with them. Doris ’daughter Lena (Josefine Preuß) and Metin's son Cem (Elyas M’Barek) are like fire and water. A series that plays with a lot of clichés, but is human - and sometimes makes one laugh liberatingly during the whole migration debate.

Drama and disney

In some families, Christmas ends dramatically. If you had it peacefully at home, but still feel like drama, you should "12 years a slave“Look. In 2013, director Steve McQueen filmed a true story about the violin player Solomon Northup (photo on the right, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor). He is a freelance African American and is booked for a lucrative performance. After a night of sleep he wakes up, in chains, on the ground. He becomes aware that he has been drugged and sold into slavery. What happens to him on the plantations is just cruel - have tissues ready. In any case, the great music by Hans Zimmer is little consolation.

For all fans of Denzel Washington, "man on Fire“Simply a must: In the film from 2004 he plays the former Marine Creasy. After quitting his service in the army, he takes a new job - as a bodyguard. He protects ten-year-old Pita, daughter of a wealthy family. When the girl is kidnapped, Creasy is seriously injured in the hail of bullets - and swears revenge.

And so that something beautiful for the soul comes into play, I recommend "The Lion King". The young lion prince Simba is just cute, the music is great and the end is bearable. Not that the Disney film will be forgotten shortly before the remake is released!

Abysses and amusement

This HBO miniseries had the best possible conditions - and it makes something of it: "Sharp Objects"(From 16) is based on the novel of the same name by" Gone Girl "author Gillian Flynn (who was given the" German "title" Cry Baby "at the time). Emmy award winner Jean-Marc Vallée (“Big Little Lies”) directed it. And the main role is played by the wonderful Amy Adams (photo, center): a journalist who is confronted with a crime and her past in her home country. Abysses open up immediately.

Joanne K. Rowling wrote free of her Harry Potter under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The first three novels about the disabled veteran and derided private detective Cormoran Strike have now been filmed as a seven-part series: "Strike“(Warner, from 16). Rowling, who also acted as producer, has not forgotten the character drawing; here she also lives out a pleasantly dark side.

For those who like it more cheerful: "Family guy"-Inventor Seth MacFarlane expresses his love for the very old" Spaceship Enterprise "episodes with" The Orville "(20th Century Fox, from 12). Anyone expecting satire here will be disappointed. Instead, there is wonderfully innocent science fiction about Captain Mercer, who is put by his ex-wife as first officer. It's all a bit cheesy, but amusing.

Hard and warm

The fourth season was definitely the last: That was the bad news for fans of the Swedish-German crime series "The bridge - transit to death“(From 16). The good news: The final season (which can be seen independently of the others) is in the ZDF media library until February 10th. As always abysmal and outstanding: the investigator Saga Norén (Sofia Helin) suffering from Asperger's.

It is the very tough men and women who in "Sons of Anarchy“Doing your dishonest business. The seven seasons tell the story of the Californian motorcycle club Samcro, which operates arms smuggling, prostitution and drug deals. But vice-boss Jax (Charlie Hunnam, photo right) is increasingly rebelling against his stepfather Clay (Ron Perlman): As in Shakespeare's "Hamlet", the generation war is looming. Complex characters, a captivating dramaturgy and a brilliant soundtrack compensate for the extremely brutal scenes, parts of the season are only released from the age of 18.

In this family, things get out of hand, but in the end the Bravermans will find a solution for every problem, big and small. The US series "Parenthood“(From 12) the anarchistic aspect of the“ modern family ”is missing, it uses American family clichés instead of breaking with them. But sometimes that can be as beneficial as a good night song.

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