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8 mistakes you make when reclaiming your ex + 2 tips

Do you want your ex back? No matter if you want your ex husband back or want to win back the ex wife? If you really want to save the relationship between you and your ex, you need to stop making catastrophic mistakes now.

Unfortunately, most people always make the same mistakes with their ex partners. The longer you make these mistakes, the less chance you have of ever winning that person back to you.

It is therefore important that you follow the right ex back tips to get your ex back and stop making these mistakes.

Do you really want to do whatever you can to get your ex back? Even if that means a lot of things have to change for it to work? Then you are exactly right here.

This article is written for anyone who wants to get their ex back. If you've just broken up and want to get your ex back, this article can be very useful and insightful for you.

Read on quickly and find out what you need to do to be able to hug your ex boyfriend or girlfriend again.

How do I get my ex back? Some of the things you will learn in this article include:

  • What silly mistakes you never want to make again to increase your chances.
  • Why wanting to be right per se in a relationship isn't always good for you.
  • The right ex back tips and steps to get your ex back (even if he or she has a new partner).
  • And much more….

Mistake # 1: Playing the nice partner

The first part of this article covers the stupidest mistakes people make when trying to get their ex back into their lives.

Most of these mistakes are the direct result of things we instinctively do.

We instinctively want to resolve a situation in a certain way, even though it does exactly the opposite.

Love and feelings are irrational. No matter how difficult this is to grasp, this realization is of great importance if you ever want to see your ex again.

Let's start with the first mistake many people make when trying to get their ex back.

This is actually a mistake that many people ignore no matter how many times they are told.

Everyone loves CHALLENGES. It seems like this is genetic. Do you bring tension into your relationship?

If you play the "nice partner" you will not arouse attraction, which makes the "chemistry" between you quickly boring and predictable.

Only those who are drawn to you want to spend time with you and make an effort to get to know you (again). The same goes for dates.

In essence, “nice boys / girls” are mostly viewed as insecure, passive, fearful, boring, and predictable.

They're not very entertaining because they worry all the time whether their partner is still "in love" with them.

What is the chance you will get your ex back?

Test yourself and find out what percentage chance you have of getting the ex back.

Mistake # 2: logic & reasoning

In reality, it is next to impossible to convince yourself to get back into a relationship. The exit is conceivable, but not the other way around.

You may be able to convince someone to date you, but convincing him or her to develop feelings for you or to love you is simply IMPOSSIBLE.

Trying to arouse feelings with logic and reasoning has no effect.

You may be able to control your own feelings a little with logic, but you won't change your ex partner's mind by making arguments.

If you try the rational way, you will only reach 10% of your ex partner; his or her emotions are not stimulated.

The decision to get back together shouldn't just be yours, but your ex's as well, or you'll be wasting time.

Mistake # 3: how do I get my ex back? - Give your ex partner all the power

Giving all power to your ex means constantly trying to make up with him or her and giving up all control and power in the relationship.

This comes for example in statements like: "I will do whatever you want ..." to expression. Something that people (especially women) absolutely don't want, even if they sometimes don't admit it. In the long run, this only makes you feel guilty.

Also, such a statement does not create a balance between you. Do you really want to be the person who has minimal power in the relationship and gives it all out of their hands?

Becoming a slave to your ex will only make him or her find you weaker, hopeless, and unattractive.

This course of action will only confirm his or her decision because he or she does not want anyone to completely sacrifice themselves. This gets boring, predictable, VERY quickly, and he or she will feel guilty if you don't get anything in return.

Nobody wants to surprise their loved one because they are acting weak and small. Every woman wants a strong and leading man, and every man wants a challenge.

Mistake # 4: Trying to Buy Back Your Ex

Do you know the phrase: “You can't buy love”.

This is a very bad, weak, and expensive tactic to take back your ex partner.

You will never be able to create attraction with gifts. That is too easy to think.

This path will only harm you because it is actually conveying that you are not good enough on your own for your ex to like you.

You need other things to show how great you are. Basically, this NEVER works.

This will bring you back to speaking to your ex on a rational level.

Are you really that insecure? Or are you trying to manipulate them? It will probably be one of those two because that is exactly what you are doing without perhaps even realizing it.

Mistake # 5: Not understanding how attraction works

Far too many people judge from their own perspective what others find attractive.

That way, they often come to the conclusion that people are only looking for the prettiest people.

When it comes to what attracts the opposite sex, men and women are very different.

When a man sees a beautiful woman, he can be sexually attracted to her in a second. This is certainly not the case with women!

Women aren't just impressed by looks. Women are much more carried away by a man's personality.

So it's much more effective for men to work on personality than just looking. In women this will be less effective.

You can convey an attractive personality by using techniques that create attraction, such as playful teasing.

Creating that attraction in someone can be learned. This way, you can make your ex feel attracted to you again.

Every man and woman can learn to make the opposite sex feel that way, it's just a matter of technique.

Some of these techniques even work, although a person is unaware of it.

Mistake # 6: Calling and texting the ex all the time

This is Paul's story:

Me and my ex Sarah broke up two weeks ago. Since then I've had a hard time and I can't get it out of my head.

I can't stop calling her or texting her once a day. Often she doesn't answer or reacts very tightly. Sometimes it takes a few days to get an answer.

I love her and want to be with her so I don't understand why she behaves like this. She said she love me and then that?

Paul’s story is not an isolated incident. Many people who are desperately looking for their ex boyfriend or girlfriend make this huge mistake.

Calling and texting your ex all the time is not recommended. In reality, it's a big mistake! That's not how it works.

Every time you contact your ex, you are showing that you are extremely needy and insecure. This is pretty unattractive behavior, and it just pushes your ex further away from you.

But if I can't call or write, how do I get my ex back?

You have to communicate in a certain way in order for your ex to feel attracted to you again. You can find out how to do this in the Ex Tips later in this article.

Mistake # 8: Getting jealous when your ex is in contact with others

The thought of your ex being with someone else drives you crazy.

You want to get in the car, drive over to him and confess that you want him or her back.

And if she doesn't open the door, you just stay outside until your ex opens the door.

In case you still don't realize it, here is that instinctive panic mode at work again telling you to do exactly the (wrong) thing.

But the truth is, your ex is most likely only on friendly terms or in a rebound relationship. And many rebound relationships end sooner than you think.

For many people, a rebound relationship is a way of dealing with a failed relationship. So just because your ex is flirting with someone else right now doesn't mean she's forgotten about you.

You will soon realize that a rebound relationship cannot fill the void of lovesickness.

If you need tips and help on how to get over your lovesickness quickly, be sure to read this article as well.

2 ex back tips to make your ex fall in love again

Chances are you've made at least one of the mistakes above after breaking up. What now?

The most important thing to do now is to realize that these mistakes are not going to help you get your ex back.

Try to limit the damage you've done so far by following the tips below.

I can guarantee you that these tips will greatly increase your chances of getting your ex back.

Tip # 1: Give each other some time and space

If you're looking for ways to get your ex back into your life, there is one thing that you should absolutely do.

I call it the “no contact” rule. It's simple and very effective.

All you have to do is cut off ALL contacts with your ex for a short period of time.

That means that you:

  • Don't call
  • Not sending WhatsApp messages
  • Don't send SMS
  • Do not seek contact via social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
  • Not going out with mutual friends (hoping to meet your ex)
  • Etc.

I think you understood my statement ... But why should you cut off contact?

It takes time for your ex to miss you. What you want is for your ex to miss your presence. Most people think that if they fail to contact their ex, they will be forgotten.

This is of course nonsense. In reality, you are giving your ex the time to miss you and he or she will eventually start wondering why you are not calling you in.

Nobody wants a needy person. That's unattractive. By being in constant touch with your ex, he or she will never get a chance to learn what it feels like to lose you.

You also need some space and time yourself. You want to get a grip on your life again.

Sitting on the couch at home with a tissue and feeling sorry for yourself won't help you any further. Try to stay calm and also think about whether you really want your ex back.

You might just miss your ex because you've gotten used to him or her being with you.

Before attempting to regain your ex, it is important that you learn to enjoy your life without your ex. Prove to yourself that you can be happy without your ex.

You may still want your ex back then, but there's a big difference between wanting and needing.

And what do you do when your ex contacts you? Because that is of course also possible ...

If your ex calls or text you every day, tell him or her that you don't want any contact for a short time.

Do not give any further information as to why you are doing this. Let your ex know that you need some time and space now and that's it.

Of course, if you have children, you should keep in touch with each other. But keep contact as limited as possible. This means that you only talk to your ex when you need to.

You only talk to your ex about your children or the topics that matter. You don't want to talk about personal matters.

Tip # 2: Go to work specifically

As confrontational as that sounds, there is, of course, a reason your ex left you.

Think about it carefully. Be honest with yourself. What were your less attractive traits? Have you been lazy Did you invest too little in the relationship? Or maybe you cheated?

Whatever it is, take a step back and evaluate yourself and your old relationship.

There are problems and differences of opinion in every relationship. But if the two of you split up, something is wrong with your relationship.

That's the part most people screw up. They refuse to recognize their mistakes, change them, or even admit them at all.

Go ahead and make positive changes in your life. Adopt a healthier lifestyle. Work on your personal development!

You need to restore your self-esteem first before you can get your ex back.

You have to find out what makes you happy. You have to learn to be happy without your ex. You need to restore your self-esteem first before you can get your ex back.

If you do meet your ex after a period of non-contact, you want him or her to feel attracted to you again. And the best way to do that is to work on yourself and become a happy person again.

Appearance and mentality

There are several ways to change in a positive way. You can change your appearance and give yourself a new, fresh look.

This will make you feel better. And when your ex meets you again, she will see a new person.

Simple things you can do are:

  • Go to the hairdresser or hairstylist: discover what is fashionable today and surprise yourself with a completely new hairstyle.
  • Go to the gym: Exercise is important for several reasons. Not just for burning fat, but also for your mental health. It makes you happy!
  • Buy new clothes: Go shopping with a friend who knows clothes. Dare to wear something else. You will look more attractive.

Whatever you do, stay natural, don't change too drastically. You don't want to make changes that you can regret for the rest of your life (think about a tattoo).

Don't think too lightly. This can make all the difference. Your ex will either fall in love with you again or you will lose the person you love so much forever.

But aside from how you look, there might be something far more important to getting your ex back.

Be a happy and confident person!

Know that confidence and a positive attitude is something that can be achieved by working on yourself.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Meditate: It's not as weird as it sounds. Be aware of yourself and know your weaknesses and strengths. Also dare to be proud of yourself.
  • Spend time with friends: Your friends and relatives are the people who are always there for you and who like to spend time with you. Go out and do nice things with them.

In most cases, once you've followed everything in this article, your ex will be drawn back to you.

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