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Misty Bernall: Cassie - She said yes

Author: Misty Bernall

Brief description
It's not an ideal world, but a perfectly normal one that Cassie Bernall grew up in. Born in 1981, she experiences the ups and downs every teenager goes through - and her parents experience all the joys and difficulties that one has with young people. Cassie slowly grows up and makes life choices that are formative. Until then, on April 20, 1999, two heavily armed youths broke into the library of their high school in Littleton, Colorado ...

Structure and plot

The tragic end of her story should be known to everyone: In a rampage, Cassie is shot after she answered a question with yes, whether she believed in God. Cassie's mother, the author of this book, writes about the difficulties Cassie had when she was a teenager. In search of approval, Cassie has clung to false friends whom she has influenced with satanic ideas. When the parents discovered this, a war broke out at home. This part of the book is very much about education. Misty Bernall writes how parents treated their daughter in this difficult situation. But then something came along that would totally change Cassie's life.

Misty Bernall inserts an extremely large number of quotations into her text, from letters from Cassie and her friends and statements from her friends and acquaintances and also from books that Cassie had read. Unfortunately, this makes the whole book seem rather fragmented. In addition, it is linguistically not so nice because these quotations are given in the corresponding colloquial language.

The author's intention is not just to tell the story of her daughter, she would like to convey a certain message to the reader that should encourage reflection about their own life: Many people probably wonder whether they would have said yes in this situation . Why Cassie could react that way is what the end of the book is about.

My Opinion: It is a moving story that is easy to read. I found the plot a little flat and predictable. It is definitely not one of the books that I would definitely recommend. That's just my opinion, the book currently has 5 stars on Amazon.