How can I design my own degree

Design your own graduation t-shirt

Abitur or vocational school diploma? - Congratulations. Here you can design your own graduation shirts and have any motifs printed on them.

Have your own Abishirts made

Each graduation class also has a matching graduation shirt, which all graduates wear to show that they have achieved their goal. However, the final class or level must organize it itself to design and commission a final shepherd.

Here we show how to proceed and give tips on where and how to have them made.

The design of a graduation t-shirt

Most of the time on the front of a graduation shirt there is a saying chosen by the class or level itself.

Ideas are either given by classmates or you look for good sayings on the Internet. You can choose or design a chic picture or pattern for the saying, depending on what goes with the saying.

The names of all graduates and the class they were in usually appear on the back. If you have found out about all of this, then you can look for a printing company that prints the graduation t-shirts.

Have the graduation t-shirts printed

You can either look for a suitable printer in your own location or look for a suitable provider on the Internet - ideally this one here. Here you will also find unprinted T-shirts where you can choose color, size and shape. If you have chosen this, you can create your own design online.

Now you can see a cost estimate for the required number of graduation shirts in the Shirt Designer and collect the money from the students. Most of the time, the prices for final shirts are quite cheap, as you order a relatively large quantity and get good offers or volume discounts from the printing companies.

You should order the T-shirts in good time, as some print shops need a little longer for large orders, but you can get detailed information from the respective providers beforehand. So if you celebrate your successful graduation, then a suitable graduation shepherd is really part of it.

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