The Georgian landscape is very beautiful

Travel report: One week in Georgia (guest post)

Vacation in Georgia, surprisingly and incredibly beautiful!

At the beginning of June '18 I was in with my two brothers Georgia and Isa asked me if I would like to have one Guest Post to write to report on our experiences - with great pleasure! 🙂

Many people looked at me strangely when I told you that we were going to Georgia. “What are you going to do there?”; "Georgia? Where is that exactly? "

The answer is not that difficult ...

I wanted to be in a stillunknown landthat not everyone has been to yet. Get out of everyday life and do something Experience something new. Gaining experience in just one week sounds like an impossibility ... The trip to Georgia taught me better. There is hardly any information to be found on the Internet, which is why expectations weren't too high at first, you don't know what to expect ...

So in principle the best conditions around positively surprised to become ... and I became!

Why Georgia? Because…

  • the country is under construction and needs all support.
  • you can get there for little money. (100 € from Berlin to Kutaisi)
  • you can even see large parts of the country in a short time. (The state is just as big as Baden Württemberg and Bavaria put together)
  • you can experience the culture noticeably.
  • the food is incredibly delicious ... 🙂
  • the hospitality is overwhelming.
  • the landscape is stunning
  • and and and…

Georgia really has something to offer for everyone:


The Georgians are a happy people. They celebrate on every occasion and eat like world champions. One likes to forget the time at such a party. Besides, Georgia is a Land of contrasts. On one side you come across broken house facades, stray dogs and cats. On the other hand, there are super modern trains with WiFi; numerous high-rise buildings are being built and the city centers are very clean and green.

Georgian cuisine

The incredibly delicious Georgian cuisine is very varied and interesting. Especially the delicious khinkali dumplings, great meat dishes and the large selection of sweets across the country have what it takes to cast a spell over everyone.


Georgia is a Christian coined country, and was after Armenia one of the first countries to do thisChristianity as the state religion. There are numerous traces of this. It feels like there is a cathedral on a nearby mountain in the background in every major city and the people are highly Christian. As soon as Georgians see a church or a monastery, they cross themselves. Despite the religiosity you can visit all cathedrals and churches, which is definitely worth it!


Georgia also inspires with others historical highlights. For example the Uplistesikhe cave city inland, which in the 6th century BC BC offers interested visitors a lot of information about the past and the different epochs of the country. It is also very nicely located on a hill and offers visitors a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.


Even if you fancy one City trip you've come to the right place in Georgia. Especially the three largest cities Kutaisi, Batumi and the Capital Tbilisi are vibrant cities full of life and friendly people. The numerous balconies that protrude into the streets and the sometimes somewhat shabby facades are striking. But it fits the wonderful mood and gives the cities a certain authenticity. Colorful houses, lots of flowers and nice people on every corner. These are Georgia's cities.


Also scenic Has Georgia so much to offer. No matter whether you prefer to lie on the beach or rather go hiking. The nature of Georgia is as diverse as the rest of the country. In the east that Black sea, in central Georgia Hilly landscapes with numerous, beautifully situated villages, in the southwest almost beautiful desert-like landscapes and in the north the gigantic one Caucasus Mountainswhich you should definitely have seen. One highlight is followed by another ...!

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