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MicroStrategy 9

MicroStrategy 9

Product provider: MicroStrategy Germany

According to the manufacturer, this product covers the following software areas:
Business intelligence

MicroStrategy 9 Release 3, the latest software release from MicroStrategy, is a fully integrated BI platform that makes business intelligence faster, easier and more user-friendly. MicroStrategy customers benefit from a number of key improvements with this new release:

  • Extended mobile functions for iPhone and iPad - multitasking, notification, information workflows, improved collaboration and new data visualizations
  • Higher performance - Faster BI through in-memory technology, optimized navigation and search, parallel loading of apps, automatic diagnostics and much more
  • Faster, more content-rich dashboards - 3 times more data, 2 times faster, plus expanded OLAP functionality for Flash dashboards
  • Shorter start-up times for new BI apps - thanks to the new import function, users publish their own data in the BI system and create quick prototypes for mobile apps and dashboard apps using ready-made design templates
  • Advanced geomapping capabilities - pre-configured integration with ESRI, a leading provider of geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Central, universal information gateway - data from multidimensional and relational data sources as well as web service data are abstracted to a unified metadata level

Native support for multidimensional data sources - now with direct access to IBM Cognos TM1 EP (Enterprise Planning) software This release builds on the new products and critical platform improvements of the MicroStrategy 9 platform, which is consistently designed for the performance and scalability of enterprise-wide BI. At the same time, it supports the rapidly changing business requirements of smaller, departmental BI applications. MicroStrategy 9 provides a seamless method to transform workgroup and departmental BI solutions into an integrated company-wide BI solution.

Supported industries

According to the manufacturer, the following industries are supported by this product:
Automotive (automobile construction), construction industry, clothing and textiles, industry-neutral, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, general services, retail, financial services, healthcare, wholesale, rubber and plastic goods, general trade, craft, woodworking and processing (paper, cardboard ), Real estate management, general industry, information and communication, repair, consumer goods industry, agriculture, forestry and fishing, food industry, mechanical and plant engineering, metal industry, furniture production, public service, paper, publishing and printing industry, pharmaceutical industry , Technical wholesale, transport, logistics and traffic, associations, clubs and non-profit organizations, traffic, packaging industry, other industries