How do CAS calculators work

CAS calculator in math class

Image by CAS 😯

1. First steps with the CAS calculator

1.1 Insert batteries -> press the mechanism on the back, the keyboard is removable, insert batteries

1.2 | ON| Press -> menu opens

1.3 Settings -> right | top small symbol, set the desired language

1.4 | ctrl | + | ON | -> switch off handheld (saves automatically)

2. Meaning of the symbols

2.1 Calculator

Here you can calculate formulas, solve equations and rearrange equations | just what you need a handheld for.

| esc | -> back to the previous page

| ctrl | -> Shift key (yellow functions above the keys)

| menu| -> The menu window opens (various functions, e.g. algebra, statistics, etc.)

|doc| -> Documents (e.g. edit, view, insert, etc.)

| ctrl | + | doc | = +page -> new page opens

2.2 graphs

Here you can construct linear functions, parabolas, segments etc. and, among other things, also carry out a curve discussion.

Curve discussion:

| menu | -> analyze graph (zero point, minimum, maximum, intersection point (s) etc.)

Enter functions and have them constructed.

-> Enter the function in the bottom line and | enter| to press.

2.3 Geometry

Here you can construct and calculate (or measure) straight lines, figures and shapes

| menu |-> Construct shapes (circle, triangle, rectangle, etc.)

| menu | -> Constructions (construct perpendicular, parallel, mid-perpendicular, bisecting line, etc.)

2.4 Lists and Spreadsheet

Here you can work with a table and have your results entered in a coordinate system.

Enter the values ​​in the table.

Don't forget to label the top columns!



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