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Create a free website: we took a close look at 12 providers

Creating a website has become a fairly simple affair that, at best, is even fun. Complicated terms like HTML and FTP can be safely forgotten. The biggest challenge nowadays is choosing the right website builder from the numerous options.

There are plenty of providers for free websites. These usually offer a modular system, and since hosting is also included, you don't even have to worry about storage space (web space).

That sounds quite carefree at first. But which of these offers are really worthwhile? To do this, we took a closer look at and rated nine website construction kits.


  1. Video overview: Top 5
  2. Webnode
  3. Wix.com
  4. Jimdo
  5. Weebly
  6. Ucraft
  7. Godaddy
  8. Mozello
  9. One.com
  10. Strikingly
  11. Homepage-Baukasten.de
  12. Other providers
  13. Overview table of the best providers
  14. How are these offers financed?
  15. What do you have to do without with a free website?
  16. What about SEO?
  17. Is it also possible to set up a free online shop?
  18. Conclusion

Video: our 5 homepage builder favorites

In just 6 minutes we'll show you the five best free website builders:


> Was there a provider for you? Try Webnode, Jimdo, Ucraft, Weebly or Wix right here.

How do I create a free website step by step?

For all website builders that we list here, the creation process consists of these steps:

  1. Sign up for a free website account
  2. Pick a template design that you like
  3. Adding the individual pages to the website
  4. Add and personalize content (text, images, video, etc.)
  5. Optional: add SEO settings
  6. Publish website

And now it's time to find the website builder that's right for you:

2. Webnode - modern editor with a few restrictions

Not so long ago there was a complete overhaul of the website editor. The designs are now stylish and compatible with tablets and smartphones. A downer: once selected, you can unfortunately no longer choose a completely new template. Of course you can adjust it. The processing is also pleasantly intuitive here and of course there are also paid tariffs for people who want to use their own domain, for example.

The cheapest Webnode tariff is only € 2.95 per month and is appropriately called Limited. This allows you to use a domain that you have already bought from another provider. However, the advertising in the footer remains in this tariff.



You get this URL for free: yourname.webnode.com

What we like: the subtle advertising button in the free tariff and the responsive themes. No page limit. And the SEO settings can be adjusted for the entire website.

What should be improved: Expand and improve functions, e.g. e-commerce and blog. The storage space is very tight at 100 MB. SSL encryption is also currently missing.

Webnode video review


Free tariff: de.webnode.com

Detailed test report

3. Wix.com - the international heavyweight

The biggest provider of them all is Wix. The company has more users than any other website builder and there are good reasons for that. The functions as well as the template designs are unique. So the Combo Paid Tariff gets a clear recommendation from us. But what about the free tariff?

Unfortunately, the short answer is “no”. Similar to Weebly, Wix's advertising is way too big. In fact, we are even talking about “advertisements” in the plural. There are overlays in the footer and in the top right of the page.



You get this URL for free: accountname.wix.com/yourname

What we like: the great selection of templates and the flexibility of the editor. The huge app market and 500 MB storage space should also be positively emphasized. No page limit and access to all SEO settings.

What should be improved: Unfortunately, the advertising is MUCH too big. In addition, a URL that contains the word “wix” is unfortunately not that ideal for German users.

Wix video review

You can try Wix for free here: https://www.websitetooltester.com/go/wix-youtube And you can find our detailed test report here: ... Wix test report: a good choice for your own website? 2018-08-31T09: 09: 05.000Zhttps: //i.ytimg.com/vi/TXnb15QC92s/default.jpg


Free tariff: www.wix.com

Do you need some start-up help? You can find our Wix tutorial here.

4. Jimdo - the best free choice?

The Hamburg website builder has built up a very good reputation over the years. But what about the free Jimdo Free package - can you work with it properly?

It's nice that all designs are included in the free plan. In addition, these are perfectly displayed on mobile devices (responsive templates). Jimdo offers two different versions of its product: Jimdo Dolphin for beginners, which is extremely easy to use. For people with a little more advanced knowledge, there is also the Jimdo Creator. In the Creator you can even use the online shop for free, but this is then limited to 5 articles.

With the paid plans, the cheapest plan starts at $ 9 a month and includes a free domain for the first year. So you are not buying a pig in a poke in case you want to run the website more professionally later on.



You get this URL for free: yourname.jimdofree.com (Jimdo Creator) or yourname.jimdosite.com (Jimdo Dolphin)

What we like: the subtle advertising on free websites. You get 500 MB of storage space, which should be enough for most pages. Nowhere else is it faster than Jimdo (Dolphin), within 5 minutes you actually have your first personalized website version.

What should be improved: the creator templates could partly be a bit more modern. An app market like that of the competition would also be desirable. At Jimdo Dolphin there is unfortunately no support at all in the free tariff. A small downer is that only up to 5 subpages can be created in the free tariff. In that regard, other free website builders have a little more to offer.

Jimdo Dolphin Video Review:


Free tariff: www.jimdo.de

Detailed test report

5. Weebly - great website builder with one disadvantage

Weebly is one of the largest providers and also occupies a pretty good place in our ranking. But since we are looking at the free versions here, we are also evaluating the product with other requirements. The free tariff has to give up, mainly because of the unsightly advertising in the footer of the website:

Otherwise, however, a very decent product that offers a very simple editor. Even an app center with additional functions is available. The paid tariffs start at € 7 per month.



You get this URL for free: yourname.weebly.com

What we like: the responsive designs and the App Center. 500 MB web space is included. There are no page limits and there are no restrictions in the SEO settings in the free plan.

What should be improved: the only big disadvantage is the comparatively very noticeable advertising banner. In addition, SSL encryption is only available in the paid tariffs.

Weebly video review

You can find our detailed Weebly test report here: http://www.websitetooltester.com/testberichte/weebly-test/ 0:11 - tariff overview 0:49 - dashboard ... Weebly test report - all advantages and disadvantages of version 4 in a fast run2016 -10-27T15: 46: 34.000Zhttps: //i.ytimg.com/vi/wva8TvnYDUI/default.jpg


Free tariff: www.weebly.com

Detailed test report

6. Ucraft - connect your own domain for free

With our next candidate, Ucraft, you can connect your own domain in the free plan. On this point, the provider clearly throws other free website builders out of the running. You can also create up to 15 pages, use Google Analytics and receive support around the clock (but only in English). The cheapest "Per Website" tariff is available from $ 10 a month. This gives you access to pro functions such as SEO features or the possibility of creating multilingual websites.

Ucraft’s editor comes with a whole range of functions. You can customize the design of the templates by editing the fonts and colors or the arrangement of the elements. While it's certainly not a bad website builder, we found other tools to be a lot easier to use.


You get this URL for free: yourwebsite.ucraft.net

Our example website: Wedding RSVP (with an individual domain name)

What we like: The possibility of connecting an individual domain name in the free tariff. In addition, the selection of templates is quite neat and the design of the templates looks modern and appealing. The support was very helpful and the ad isn't huge either. Another plus: SSL is also included.

What should be improved: Only the most important basic functions are really available in the free tariff. That means the integration of e.g. social media platforms, more extensive blogging functions or ecommerce features are only available in the paid tariff. We also felt that the editor was a bit slow and buggy at times (but not seriously). In addition, the kit is a little more complicated to use compared to other solutions. Another small catch: the website builder is unfortunately not available in German.

Free tariff:www.ucraft.com

7. GoDaddy - The simple all-rounder

GoDaddy is a big ship internationally in the field of domain and web hosting. So it's not surprising that there is also a website builder. This is called GoDaddy Websites + Marketing. There were already a few previous versions, but only this one finally includes a free plan!

The beginner-friendly kit has the following features: responsive templates that are easy to edit, useful add-ons such as a newsletter solution, appointment bookings and a member area. You can have it all for free!

Of course, there are also paid upgrades. If you want to use your own domain or set up an online shop, you need a paid tariff. The GoDaddy banner in the header area of ​​every page can only be removed with an upgrade. It is a pity that the SEO settings are severely limited in the free plan.


You get this URL for free: yoursite.godaddysites.com

Our example website:Barcelona Bakes

What we like: Operation is really super easy. The blog and the built-in newsletter tool also work very well. Perfect for anyone who wants to build a fairly simple website, but at the same time wants to have everything from a single source. The complete website builder is available in German.

What should be improved: If you want to rank high in the search engines, you'd better get a paid tariff. Compared to other providers like Wix, the add-ons are limited. And we hope that this kit will not soon be replaced by a new version. Because in the past, the different versions were never compatible.

Free tariff:www.godaddy.com

Detailed test report

8. Mozello - Multilingual websites, free of charge.

This provider from Latvia is one of the smaller providers. What he can score with, however, is the function for multilingual websites, which is available here for free. And that is unique. Otherwise there is a blog function, an online shop and quite decent SEO options for search engine optimization. Fortunately, the advertisement is just a link in the footer, which most visitors will probably not even notice. 500 MB of free storage space should be sufficient for most.

The downside is that although the editor is easy to use, it doesn't have that many features. For example, certain elements like a gallery can only be added on certain pages. That makes Mozello a bit inflexible.



You get this URL for free: yourname.mozello.com

What we like: the advertising that you hardly see and the possibility of creating a free multilingual site. The designs all look reasonable.

What should be improved: the editor should become more flexible and receive more functions.

Free tariff: www.mozello.com

9. One.com - Inexpensive editor for an apple and an egg

One.com is not available in the free freemium version, but the standard tariff is very cheap compared to other providers. However, there is a one-time provision fee. After that, the monthly price is around € 2.50. The domain can be bought separately (plus VAT).

But you get a real domain (e.g. .de, .com, .ch, .at) and the website is completely ad-free. Unfortunately, the website construction kit is limited to five individual pages - if you need more, you have to dig deeper into your pocket.

If, on the other hand, you only need a small ad-free website with a real domain, One.com could be a good fit. The option of using WordPress instead of the website builder is also very nice. The page limit is then removed.



You get this URL: deinname.com (or .de, .ch, .at etc.)

What we like: that you are very flexible: either you use the One.com construction kit or WordPress. A good option if you want to get started professionally without spending a lot of money.

What should be improved: the limit of only 5 pages should really be increased. The website builder is by far not the best on the market, but it is enough for simple websites.

10. One.com Video Review

In addition to hosting a website at One.com, you can also create it directly with the One.com Web Editor. Find out more in our review: ... One.com review: The affordable website editor on the test bench2015-05-22T14: 24: 30.000Zhttps: //i.ytimg.com/vi/lak4s27qMy4/default.jpg


Registration (14 days money-back guarantee): www.one.com

Detailed test report

11. Strikingly - Free One-Pager

Websites should be simple and not overwhelm you with their complexity. This is what the Californian provider Strikingly says, which unfortunately is only available in English so far. The specialty are one-pager homepages, where everything is presented on one page. There are also websites with multiple pages, but these require a paid plan.

Strikingly has some very nice templates and the editor is very easy to use. Unfortunately, you can't get rid of the advertising in the footer even in the cheapest paid plan ($ 8 per month). You only get a completely ad-free website for $ 16 a month, which we think is very overpriced.

You get this URL for free: accountname.strikingly.com

What we like: great designs with clear call to actions. There is even a mobile iOS and Android app for mobile editing.

What should be improved: One pager websites are not exactly an advantage when it comes to search engine optimization. And even if the templates look very good, we would like a little more choice.

Strikingly screenshots


Try it for free: www.strikingly.com

Detailed test

12. Homepage-Baukasten.de - can free still be too expensive?

This German provider has been around for a number of years. Unfortunately, the website editor is also getting a bit old. Inline editing is now actually standard - this means that you can see what the website will look like while you are editing. At Homepage-Baukasten.de, on the other hand, you type your content into very abstract input masks, which does not necessarily increase user-friendliness.

Free pages are also “decorated” with two bold advertising banners, which you can only get rid of for a fee of € 2.90 per month. From € 4.90 a real domain is also included.