Is enthusiasm an emotion

Motivation, enthusiasm, emotion and brain research

Enthusiasm: The neurobiological prerequisite for success

"Only in a state of enthusiasm does the midbrain activate the reward center; this is the only way to achieve top performance." The messenger substances of the dopamine and opiate system released through emotions act like fertilizers on nerve cells, "says the head of the Central Office for Neurobiology Prevention research. Under their influence, new nerve connections are formed that will influence behavior in the future. "

"Really motivated is only someone who, based on their own experience, takes pleasure in the matter," says Hüther

(Quote from a report on motivation and brain research by Gerald Hüther in Focus)

Your own positive experiences and positive impulses are probably very often associated with your own experiences in the areas of sport, holidays and your own hobbies. Be it the beautiful nature experiences while hiking, sailing, climbing, golf, and and and ... These experiences and memories can be activated by our motivational posters and murals.

We offer matching murals and motivational pictures for almost every topic. These images also activate the positive longings that work in most people. There is an immense power in these inner images and desires that can move us forward.

Use the power of inner images with our motivational posters and murals, our sports books and motivational calendars, our motivating company gifts and advertising material. OSB also means: Sport inspires and motivates.



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