What celebrities appear in anti-smoking commercials

WHO wants "smoke-free films"

It has long been proven that smoking can lead to lung cancer as well as heart disease and numerous other diseases. All the worse, according to the WHO study, that according to new studies in the USA, the role model of puffing actors was the trigger for 37 percent of new young smokers to take up a cigarette themselves.

According to estimates by the US health authority CDC, six million American teenagers could have been induced to smoke by such films in 2014. About two million of them could die of tobacco-related diseases, says the WHO. Not only Hollywood is affected for a long time. According to the WHO, films from Germany, Italy or Poland even offer more smoking scenes than US productions.

The WHO also wants to stop suspected quiet business between tobacco companies and many a studio. Film producers should take an oath of honor: In the credits they should declare "nothing of value for showing tobacco products" in the respective film. In addition, cinemas, TV broadcasters and online providers are to be obliged to show "anti-smoking advertising before every film with tobacco scenes".

After 2009, the WHO presented its "Smoke-Free Movies Report" in the third updated form. While the tobacco industry likes to keep a low profile on the subject, directors and actors have different views - up to and including rejection. The Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, for example, who erected a monument to the city of Rome and its cigarette smokers with his feature film "La Grande Bellezza - The Great Beauty" in 2013, thinks nothing of it: In the cinema, it is not the Ministry of Health but the artistic freedom to rule. he explained.

But there are films and series without a blue haze. The German Cancer Aid and the non-smoking alliance award their "smoke-free seal" every year. In 2015, the ZDF “Rosenheim Cops” got it, before that the ARD hospital series “In allerfreund”. However: how many young people might be watching?