Who was the founder of the watch

The founders of the wonderland

Gerrit Braun, Frederik Braun's twin brother, was born on December 21, 1967 (a few minutes before Frederik!). He developed a responsible and protective streak early on. His brother Frederik bombarded him with numerous, sometimes rash ideas from an early age. And so it was only natural that he wanted to protect his little twin brother Frederik from overly vague ideas. But just like his brother, he had the ability to dream and think about the future.

Mathematically gifted, Gerrit quickly realized that, according to the calculation of probability, he only had to wait long enough for Frederik to come up with a promising idea. Until then, he just had to wait and rationally explain to his brother that these ideas probably have no future.

Up to the age of 12 he managed to refute his brother's ideas rationally, until one day he came up with the idea of ​​building up a huge Mickey Mouse booklet collection from sales of Mickey Mouse booklets. Gerrit couldn't find any arguments against it and so he began to forge the plan for this project. Here it was already possible to see what would later distinguish him - he developed the strategy and carefully analyzed every step. He did the same with the following projects, the discotheque and the record label, only that in the meantime a new skill was added - the technical one.

Gerrit was already constructing a wide variety of things during his school days. From an igloo made of cigarette cartons to a model railway that was technically sophisticated for the time. After graduating from high school, in addition to his work as managing director of Voilà, he began studying business informatics. In the following years his technical universal talent crystallized more and more. He developed timing instruments for motorsport and a unique accounting software for the catering industry that is still used today.

When Frederik then told him about his idea to build the largest model railway in the world, it was clear to him, after careful examination, that his brother had come across his lifelong dream this time too. He immediately saw that you could go new ways in model making and create new worlds. Gerrit agreed and in the months and years that followed developed the things (car system, lighting control and much more) that make the Wunderland unique to this day.