Who is the ugliest anime protagonist

One Piece: the ugliest characters!

During the pirate adventure on the high seas you will find all kinds of strange people with cool designs in the huge fantasy world of One Piece, thanks to the hand of Eiichiro Oda! But occasionally the mangaka "surpasses" itself ...

Sure, Oda is only human and cannot always produce fantastic character designs for the exciting pirate adventure. When the creative vein is exhausted for a short time, relative arise with him boring looking charactersthat you at least quickly forget.

But there is one thing we can be sure of: when Oda tries, especially ugly characters to draw, creativity just gushes out of him and he designs the most peculiar "people" that cannot be seen a second time in any manga! We picked five of the ugliest character designs from One Piece that the mangaka could imagine!

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Yuck! If only he had remained a background character! The "tin man" King Wapol is not only a vile tyrant who oppresses his people with drumming and does not care a bit about their well-being, with his round body he is also an absolute visually Disgust.

The huge, fat body matches his ability of the Munch-Munch fruit, thanks to which he can devour everything that comes before his eyes, but he sees even by one-piece proportions impossible and his extremely prominent chin (or actually his whole face) looks way too exaggerated for a serious villain. His ridiculous costumes put the icing on the cake!

Grandma Cocolo

Would you let a mermaid like that save you? Today Grandma Cocolo lost her tail fin and lives as a station attendant in front of Water Seven, but she does hideous face and she has kept her stout appearance.

She is actually a really nice person who firmly believes that Luffy has what it takes to be the pirate king. And what's even worse: As a young mermaid, according to a drawing by Oda, she was even incredibly cute, like almost all mermaids (see below)! Well, it doesn't matter whether it's a wide-mouthed frog grin or a huge triangular nose, it's the inner values ​​that count, and luckily, Cocolo has his heart in the right place.

Edward Weevil

One-piece fans from all over the world were excited: Who could be the previously unknown new member of the Seven samurai of the seas be? Which tough guy could attack the straw hat gang this time, which mighty pirate has earned the title of samurai of the seas?

And then Edward Weevil was revealed to us. The self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard is quite a bad guy with incredible strength indeed, but if you look at him you would with his own large, round body and his idiot face consider him more of a fun character than a serious opponent. Whitebeard's scars, needle sticks, and equipment don't help at all - Weevil is ugly looking and looks like he's eaten the stupidity with a spoon. If he were at least partially sympathetic ...


Trébol's disgusting stature really only has to be looked at once and it runs cold down your spine. And that fits his personality perfectly: As a subordinate of de Flamingo - an antagonist with a much more handsome character design - he is a insensitive, direct and offensive and simply does not understand what personal limits are when he once again gets right on the skin of his interlocutor.

Its appearance reflects its behavior. With its design, it looks like its large body is going into you at any moment thick slush melt, and his disgusting face with the rotten nose will do the rest. The fact that there is a much more fragile old man behind his glue coating makes his design interesting, but not much nicer to look at.

Big Mom and half of the Charlotte family

With a family with so many ugly relatives and children, how do you go about choosing the worst character design? We owe all of this to Charlotte Linlin aka Big Mom, who with her fabulous 43 husbands fathered 85 children, most of them the Genes from her repulsive mother (and often enough that of their no less ugly father).

Fortunately for a few, things weren't that bad. Big Mom's 35th daughter Pudding is a lovely girl to be married to Sanji, and 36th daughter Flambe is also a young, fairly normal looking girl who makes her appearance and status her most important element. Much of the rest, however, has to go with the misshapen face, the huge mouth, the small fish eyes and the Tendency to be overweight life that they inherited from their parents. Well, at least a few of them are good people at heart!

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