What is your father to you

Children with parents

Papa filters, you could say, more pragmatic. Why not Pietro from Rome? "He can help you with learning Italian!" Or Adam with the thick woolen scarf? “He's also apparently always freezing. Just like you. ”And:“ Look, an osteopath! Could he do something for your mother's back? ”What Dad doesn't see is the Camp David shirt that Pietro is wearing. The show-off boulder wall that the osteopath climbs half-naked and that Adam has “looking for kinky woman” in his description. In any case, “kinky” cannot be translated as “freezing”.

So I try to sensitize dad to my prey scheme (“do-gooders” and “animal lovers”). But he has little understanding for that. "Doctors Without Borders? He's never going to get one, ”dad comments maliciously to a man in a smock. He advises Alexander, who poses with penguins, "rather to stay in the eternal ice". And a young man with a lamb in his arms (“Look how cute, Papa!”), He assumes a particularly intimate relationship with sheep. Mow

Dad wants someone for me who can change a tire

We don't get together somehow. In return, I am slowly realizing what dad actually wants for me and why: In addition to stability and safety, above all someone who can change a tire. That would be good for him too, so that he doesn't have to do that anymore. So that he can give up more responsibility again. My assumption that he would have liked that I now visit him more often and go on vacation with him is not entirely correct. Quite often Dad just wants some rest too. And he only has that - and he says it so clearly - when his daughter is doing well. When she is happy. And for the generation dad, happy still means happily in love.

After an hour, it's almost midnight, I take Dad's cell phone away. He still hasn't matched anyone. I go to bed and when I lie there, I enter “Grand Prix de la Baguette 2017” on Google. Sami Bouattour, the best baker in Paris, has a lovely smile.

Our author prefers to remain anonymous so that she can continue to let her father pre-select Tinder without being noticed. In the vast majority of cases he was right after all.

What mum and dad are still good at - or not: