Fists are warmer than gloves

Warm gloves for cold hands. A consultation.

Warm gloves: finger gloves made of knitted wool

The ultimate, very easy and simple. Wool is unique. When it comes to keeping your fingers warm, there's nothing to replace them.

Due to the knitted design, only as much material is used as necessary. No bulging seams, such as with the fleece gloves sewn together from individual parts. Knitted wool is elastic, it adapts to the hands and also gives way when the fingers are bent / stretched.

There are countless variations of wool. Of finest, non-scratching merino wool up to coarse, not degreased virgin wool, everything is possible. You can even knit these gloves yourself, it doesn't get cheaper or more individual. Even damage is not a big deal, plugging holes is easy.

Rab glove, merino wool and PrimaLoft, conductive fingertips, Photo: Rab

You have to be careful with that exact material composition. Not all wool is necessarily wool. This is not a problem with the renowned manufacturers, but caution is advised when it becomes cheap. If the label says "20% wool / 80% acrylic", for example, then hands off, such inferior materials are not worthwhile. Slight admixtures of synthetic fibers increase the wear resistance, but only make sense, if at all, with thin gloves.

A thermally sensible addition to wool is PrimaLoft. Such Merino wool gloves and PrimaLoft from Rab have been a personal favorite for a number of years. Now they have too conductive fingertips for operating smartphones.

Regardless of the application, with a glove made of wool you are always on the safe side in terms of heat. You won't find them on every corner, but there are still shops where you can find something: here and here.

At Icebreaker One finds Gloves made of fine merino wool in all variations, from thin inner gloves to thick mittens. Comfortable on the skin, they don't scratch and keep you nice and warm. As with underwear, the layer on the skin is what counts. Disadvantage of these gloves is that they are a bit sensitive. They acknowledge coarse, mechanical stress with pilling or even holes. The former is a visual problem, the latter can be stuffed.

If it should be more resilient, this is also possible. Of Ortovox there are excellent ones Finger- and Mittens out thick, milled wool. Water- and wind-repellent, even soaked or encrusted with snow, they warm your hands, no other material can keep up. Hours of sledding or snowball fights become a pleasure. It is not for nothing that this type of glove has been in alpine use since ancient times.

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