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What is Tableau?

Regardless of whether your data comes from web analysis tools, databases, Excel or other sources - Tableau enables you to link, analyze and visualize your data. In contrast to other business intelligence tools, Tableau is easy to implement, delivers high speed in data analysis and offers you unique possibilities for data visualization.

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Our Tableau services

License sale

We are happy to support you in choosing the optimal license model. We advise you on the required licenses and can handle the license purchase for you.

Implementation of the software

We implement the software and support you in introducing Tableau in your company.

Connection of the data sources

We help you to easily connect your data sources to Tableau so that you can start creating dashboards as quickly as possible.

Creation and automation of dashboards & reports

We would be happy to advise you on your analytics project and show you the possibilities that Tableau offers to analyze your data and create meaningful reports in your company.


We offer individually designed training courses in which you learn how to use Tableau effectively. The goals, topics and time frames can be defined individually as required.

Ongoing support

Of course, we will support you on an ongoing basis with all topics and questions relating to Tableau.


Tableau - advantages at a glance


Tableau visualizes your data in seconds. Simply combine your data via drag-and-drop functionality and create great visualizations with just a few clicks. Anyone who chooses Tableau buys one thing above all else: time.


Tableau easily handles all common data sources: Google Analytics, all common databases, of course Excel and CSV and around 30 other sources can be connected without any problems. If, as an exception, the required source is not available in the existing connectors, Tableau can be connected to all other data forms via an ODBC connector.


Tableau Server allows complete automation of your dashboards and analyzes. Subscribe to the visualizations you want and receive an update every morning by email - quickly and easily.


In Tableau, visualizations can be used interactively: fade in details after 'mouseover', allow 'drill downs' with a click or use each graphic as an interactive filter for other graphics.


Tableau allows you to generate extracts from the data sources that primarily improve speed and performance. In addition, however, you can also work directly - 'live' - on the data: if your data basis changes, Tableau updates automatically.

Certified partner

Certified Tableau Consulting from Hopmann Marketing Analytics

We - the team from Hopmann Marketing Analytics - are competent tableau consultants from Munich. We have been working with Tableau software since 2007 and are at your disposal as one of the first and most experienced Tableau partners in Germany.

If we have aroused your interest in Tableau Software or if you have any questions about the program and our services, please contact us at any time. You can also try Tableau by downloading a free two-week trial.

We are also happy to advise you on the sale of Tableau licenses and find the optimal package for your company.

Download the free trial version:

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