What does spiritual descent mean

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Word forms: spiritualism, spiritual, spiritual, spiritualization

Transcendence, spirituality, mysticism, religiosity, esotericism

spiritually: spiritual, magical, metaphysical, parapsychic, parapsychological, transcendent, supersensible, superreal, esoteric

From Latin "spīritūs (spiritus)" = "breath, spirit, enthusiasm", derived from "spīrō" = "I breathe" and "spīrāre" = "breathe".

Related to ancient Greek "psyche" = "soul" = "totality of all spiritual properties of an individual".

According to DWDS.de (21.01.2018) the noun "Spiritualität" is derived from the German adjective "spiritual".

Conscious existence as spirituality with inner life, as a spiritual being.

The basic attitude and attitude of an individual in order to make themselves the best possible realize and accordingly to Act. From this attitude grows a corresponding expression of oneself in interaction with other individuals and nature. This can be practiced in a religious and / or ideological context.

This attitude is based on the belief, or some form of awareness, that the self is a "spiritual being" that has no physical origin.

Traditional spiritual and religious scriptures

List of ancient spiritual writings that have decisively shaped our global, European, American and German-speaking cultures today.

The detailed list of these ancient scripts can be found here >>

Spirituality in the sense of imagination is a value system which - depending on the cultural imprint and conditioning - is usually composed of certain values. We have listed the most important spiritual values ​​below and assigned them to the respective cultural or religious value systems:

Values ​​conceptBud *Chr *

Isl *

Phi *

Opt *

Mindfulness X X
altruism X


enthusiasm X
Humility X X X
Prudence X X X
gratitude X X X
humility X X
peace X X X X
serenity X X X
quality X X X
dedication X X X X X
inspiration X X X
intuition X X X
compassion X X X X
Charity X X X X
Presence (present) X X
Values ​​conceptBudChrIslPhiOpt
gentleness X X X
Self-discipline X X X
Self-confidence X X X
solidarity X
share X
tolerance X X
loyalty X
trust X X
Forgive X X X
wisdom X X X
Foresight X X X
confidence X X

* Legend:

Bud = Buddhism, partly also Hinduism
Chr = Christianity
Isl = Islam
Phi = spiritual philosophy
Opt = (enlightened) optimistic worldview

Note: the above assignments are a first draft. Suggestions for optimization are welcome. Please write to us about this.

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"Spirituality that "religio perennis", does not need to be revealed, it is in us - in our genes, in our cells, in our mind. It is - in the sense in which C.G. Jung explained this - archetype. "

Joachim-Ernst Berendt; from "Life - One Sound"

"I have stressed over and over again that it doesn't matter what source you draw the water from, as long as it is pure and as long as the water quenches people's thirst. You are concerned with the construction of the well, not the water . "

Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Make sure what you believe and know why you believe it, because if you do not choose your belief, you can be sure that some belief - and probably not a very glorious one - will choose you."

Robertson Davies (1913 to 1995)

Published on October 27, 2011 from the YouTube channel "Kath. Landeskirche Thurgau"

The Benedictine Daniel Prandini (Fischingen Abbey) is a sought-after teacher in matters of spirituality. He talks about his own spirituality, about the spiritual paths of the guests who come to him, and invites you to meditate in the evening.

AWARENESS - are we more powerful than we think? Spirituality meets science

Published on June 10th, 2016 from the YouTube channel "be light - be love - be ready to receive"

Spirituality & Science: who is on whom?

Quantum Philosophy and Spirituality: How Our Will Controls Health and Wellbeing

Paperback, February 20, 2017 by Ulrich Warnke (author)

Today's accepted facts of science are incomplete because they ignore mind, will, and emotions. But more and more scientists have the courage to transfer findings from quantum physics and philosophy to everyday life.

Dr. Ulrich Warnke explains how consciousness and subconscious control the formation of reality and shows how we activate these abilities in us - as it is also written in many mystical texts. The key to a “new world creation” are certain states of consciousness that we can learn. This gives us powerful tools to turn our living conditions for the better.


Now! The power of the present

Paperback, March 15, 2010 by Eckhart Tolle (author)

The Guide to Spiritual Awakening! Now ... there is only this moment. And therein lies our strength. Because the now is the entrance to our deepest inner bliss, to eternal being, to the peace that we long for, pursue, hunt, miss throughout our lives. Here he is.

This book, captivating in its simplicity and poetry, is an eye and heart opener for everyone, from beginners in spiritual matters to the "old hand". All the back doors are gently closed until we stand before the now. Here is a goal, says the author, use it! No wonder that Eckhart Tolle is so coveted - the greatest, deepest truths sound so plausible, simple and clear to him that you suddenly understand everything, yes, not just understand, but experience.


Nada Brahma: The world is sound (Suhrkamp Taschenbuch)

Paperback, Aug 27, 2007 by Joachim Ernst Berendt (author)

First published in 1983, Berendt's thesis has since fascinated hundreds of thousands of readers. Oxygen particles vibrate in C major, the stalks of a mountain meadow "sing", photosynthesis creates triads, even sex is - literally understood - music.

Joachim-Ernst Berendt, legendary radio pioneer and author of various standard works on jazz, questions natural scientists, musicians, ethnologists, cyberneticists, mystics and rationalists in order to track down the sound of the world.

A worldly-spiritual reading tour.