Why are some hostels so rude

Why are some Israeli groups so rude and what to do? [closed]

As someone who has traveled a lot and stayed in many hostels, I have seen similar behavior in many places, not just in hostels, but also on buses and at tourist attractions. This is not limited to just South America, but also Southeast Asia and India.

When you speak to Israelis who travel alone and are usually a little older, they have confirmed my observations and are ashamed of their compatriots and try to stay away from Israeli groups.

Many cities in South America have hostels specifically for Israelis, while certain other companies refuse to deal with Israeli customers at all.

My thoughts on the reasons:

Any group of people who travel together tends to do their own thing and care less about other travelers than they do about people who travel individually.

If the group is made up of young men (and women) in their early twenties, they are even more likely to party and "misbehave".

If you go to a Mediterranean beach vacation spot or places popular for binge drinking, you'll see tons of young Germans, British, Dutch, and Danes (among others) misbehaving. The same goes for North Americans on the spring break in Florida or Mexico.

Why do we travelers see this mostly with Israelis? All young Israelis must do three years of military service (women must do two years). After this time (which, like any army, is very regulated), many of them don't go to the beach for a few weeks, but take six or twelve months to travel the world (mostly in cheap places because they haven't yet earned a lot of money). In many cases with her army friends.

Imagine that you are young, have just done three years of military service and now you are traveling abroad with your friends and want to have fun. You don't give anything to anyone.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like their behavior and I think they should be given more consideration, but I'll try to explain where I think they are from.

What to do?

Hmmm, I don't have a good answer.

As I said before, I have spoken to individual Israelis about it and they all agreed that this behavior puts all Israelis in a bad light.

It may help to speak to a single person in the group about it alone. Ideally, find another Israeli person to have this conversation, as criticism of the Jewish people can sometimes be interpreted as anti-Semitism (which has nothing to do with it).


The bazaar has traveled. :) :)

Tom Au

The problem is common to "young" people in many groups. But the Israelis have a particular problem with their military service. Apparently the answer to the OP's question is to stay in hostels that are not suitable for Israelis.


Thank you for your reasonable answer. I didn't know anything about those 2-3 years of military service and the gap year they need.


Many of them just don't go to the beach for a few weeks - No, they don't. :) But sometimes ...

Gal Ben-Haim

I'm from Israel (a little older, in my early 30s) and I hate this behavior too. As others said, many Israelis travel to relatively cheap places like South America for a long time after their military service. That is why you see so many of them. But I bet this behavior is the same for any other type of group of young people. After all, it depends more on their attitudes than where they come from.