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Two comments on alleged UFO sightings: First, UFO experiences always have entirely earthly causes. Second, it is only in the imagination of their observer that these earthly phenomena become the objects that we (incorrectly in the plural) call UFOs.

"Unidentified Flying Objects" are therefore a purely cultural phenomenon, a logical consequence and a mixture of technical progress and irrational belief. Reports of sightings of UFOs have only been around since the late 19th century, when bold writers like Jules Verne invented science fiction and devised technical utopias. And that's strange: why shouldn't extraterrestrials have been interested in us humans before? In this context I refer to Florian Freistetter's encounter of the third kind, which goes hard with pre-astronautics and one of their preachers. What also amazes me: Why do UFOs always fly around over rich industrial countries?

The term "UFO" ("Unidentified Flying Object") itself only became popular in the 1950s; This word creation comes from the Air Technical Intelligence Center of the US Air Force in order to divert attention from secret new developments of military aircraft. The term "flying saucers", which was often used before, is deeply anchored in the collective consciousness.

The imagination of the observer always plays a decisive role in the design of inspection reports; UFOs only arise in the brains of their earthly discoverers. It is noticeable that UFOs appear as "flying saucers" in the vast majority of cases. I don't think aliens are so unimaginative. I would trust them to be more inventive in the construction of their aircraft than the limited imagination of earthbound observers.

These days the press has repeatedly read about secret documents of the British government that have now been presented to the public: For example, on spiegel-online from October 20, 2008. Even if various newspapers - especially Germany's largest circulation paper - want to make us know that we are dealing with "scary things" (Huuuhhhh!), Everyone who takes a closer look sees (be careful, these files are huge): The UFO sightings are 100 percent simple to explain, they are always of earthly origin.

Assuming that the beginning of modernity would have turned out differently, the industrial revolution would have failed to materialize, no population explosion, no technical progress etc., and today no airplanes, only horse-drawn carriages and the deep Middle Ages. There is one thing that humanity in the 21st century would definitely be poorer about: mysterious flying objects and creepy reports about them.

Clear Skies!

Stefan Oldenburg

I have been enthusiastic about astronomy topics since I was a child and I look forward to witnessing the golden age of astronomy. There are exciting discoveries in the staccato tact, but it is only in exploring our cosmic neighborhood with my own eyes that the real fascination of this science lies for me. "Clear Skies" is the greeting among amateur astronomers, combined with the desire for good observation conditions. That is why this blog, which has existed since November 2007, is called "Clear Skies".