How can I use templates in Gmail

Gmail: Create and use ready-made responses

There are now tools on all platforms with which you can put ready-made texts on a shortcut - one of these tools is, for example, PhraseExpress. There are, of course, many others and even Google has something like this on board - for many years. For Google's Inbox, I once described how to quickly create ready-made responses and use them - but there are still more people who use Gmail. And if the topic has passed these by: Here's how to prepare ready-made responses in Gmail:

"Saved answers" is the name of the function in Gmail and it is still a Labs feature. Must be activated by you in the Labs area of ​​Gmail. Don't forget to click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Then you can write the first saved message. To do this, simply write a new email and enter the test you want. Once you have entered your text, click on the menu arrow at the bottom right and select the item “Saved answers” ​​from the menu and also select “New saved answer”.

Finally you name your answer appropriately and save it. Of course you can do it with several answers, you also need a choice.

And then? Then you can of course also answer with saved answers. Identical way as when writing. Click on "Reply" in an email and select the desired answer from the menu at the bottom right:

In the end, that's about it, because you now know how to create saved answers and how to use them. Is there anything else worth knowing? Absolutely. Because saved answers in Gmail can also be used in filters. Quasi: If a mail with the text "sample text" or from certain senders arrives, then automatically send the saved answer "sample response".

A filter can be created in the search field above by clicking on the dropdown to the right of the magnifying glass symbol:

Enter a search indicator and click on "Create filter with these search criteria" in the lower right corner. In the next step you can then select the item "Send saved answer" and select the respective answer. Once you have created the filter, it will be carried out automatically in the future.

If you also use a Gmail account for business, you could send a ready-made reply to the sender depending on the sender or in general - for example, that the mail has been received and that you will process it as soon as possible.