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Hush Puppies®

62 years of casual style

1958 brought Hush Puppies® the casual style on the shoe market. A completely new shoe comfort, away from the conservative monotony, towards a comfortable and casual way of life. Even today, soft and breathable materials characterize the shoes of Hush Puppies® out.
Nowadays life is getting more and more stressful, faster and louder. Hush puppies® reminds us that we can free ourselves from these constraints of everyday life and invites us to relax and enjoy life.

The beginning of a legend

The origin of the name is surprisingly simple. While eating fried cornballs called "hush puppies", a sales manager at the shoe company learned that farmers also used them to soothe their barking dogs. Tired and sore feet are also called "barking dogs" in English. Since the new shoes also soothe the feet, the name came about by itself. After the brand was registered on July 1, 1958, a Basset Hound was chosen as the logo a little later. The Basset Hound is an English breed of dog also called "Hush Puppies".

love at first sight

As early as October 1957, Hush Puppies became® presented to the shoe industry at a shoe fair in Chicago. The response was overwhelming. Impressed by the innovative material and styling, countless retailers gathered at the booth. By the summer of 1959, a million pairs of shoes had already been sold. And in 1963, one in ten American adults owned at least one hush puppies®-Shoe.

From the royals to the rock stars

Hush puppies® quickly conquered the world. In the first few years they were supported by famous shoe carriers such as Perry Como, Warren Beatty and the “Rat Pack”. The British Prince Philip also wore Hush Puppies when he visited the USA in 1959®. Two years later there were von Hush Puppies® especially for Queen Elisabeth women's shoes for the first time. Back in the 60s was Hush Puppies® the official shoe brand for the Summer and Winter Olympics in Rome and Innsbruck.
The rubber soles of his Hush Puppies®Shoes saved the life of the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards when he touched an ungrounded microphone with his guitar during a concert in Sacramento, California in 1965. Jimmy Buffett came up with his song “I got my Hush Puppies® on “1974 at number 3 in the US charts. In 1990 hush puppies were allowed®- Shoes are also manufactured and sold in the Soviet Union - as the very first American shoe brand.

Inspired by comfort

The story of Hush Puppies® is accompanied by many comfort innovations. Starting with Worry-Free Suede®, the water- and dirt-repellent materials that were also used in the first casual shoe. Many patented technologies increase the comfort and reduce the weight of the shoes. The leather protection Scotchgard® makes the material resistant to water, dirt and scratches. The water that runs off keeps the leather soft, supple and like new. So “worry-free” became a basic feature.
The body shoe was introduced in the eighties®who ushered in the street shoe era. Double-density soles and foam insoles with memory effect made for even greater comfort. In the following decade, the bounce became shock absorbing®-Technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Michigan Biomechanical Analysis Laboratory, has become a fundamental product technology for the Company. Hush puppies® continues to develop innovations like Zero G.® with light materials or WaveReflex®, a flexible natural latex sole with more freedom of movement thanks to a wavy structure.

A dog story

In the late 1980s, a courageous pet was selected as the new brand mascot. It was staged in an unusual way to further consolidate the carefree image of the brand. This was so successful that a commercial won the Golden Lion at the Cannes Film Festival in 1989. It was also recognized as one of the top 50 best TV spots of all time. There were also product placements in films from Forrest Gump to Austin Powers. In newspapers, magazines and television, too, the shoes, along with the brand mascot, were being discussed more and more frequently.

Worldwide success

The casual style is an unchanged strong idea today as it was at the beginning of the Hush Puppies®-Era. With the help of this idea, Hush Puppies developed® developed into one of the world's five largest shoe brands. The global work began in 1959 with the first international license for Canada. The United Kingdom followed in 1962, South Africa a year later, then Australia and again a year later Japan. From the 1960s onwards there were hush puppies® Also in Germany. By 1980, Hush Puppies established itself® in South and Central America. Almost 17 million pairs of shoes are sold in 165 countries every year.