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Professions with natural sciences
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Qualified chemists, physicists or biologists have the best prerequisites for starting a career at universities or research institutes. But scientists can also apply as specialists in the private sector. academics presents some professions with a focus on natural sciences.

Which professions with natural sciences are there?

Laboratory manager

Planning, coordinating, monitoring - the tasks of a laboratory manager are varied and responsible.

Food chemist

You will develop standards for assessing food quality and monitor compliance with them. One of the tasks of food chemists is to protect consumers and to make products and their ingredients transparent for users.

Medical manager

Those who want to work in management after completing their medical or pharmacy studies can support pharmaceutical companies as medical managers in marketing their products and position them successfully on the market with sophisticated marketing strategies.

Medical physicist

The profession of medical physicist combines physics, anatomy and technology with chemistry, psychology and working in the service of sick people.

Patent attorney

Scientific knowledge, a basic understanding of technical processes and an interest in legal contexts are the prerequisites for working as a patent attorney. The profession forms an interface between technology, science and commercial legal protection.

Postdoc in the natural sciences

Postdocs are young scientists who, after completing their doctorate, research, publish and sometimes also teach at a university or research institute for a limited period of time.

product developer

A good portion of curiosity, concentrated specialist knowledge, managerial skills and economic thinking - these are the ingredients for a successful product developer in scientific industrial research.

Professor of Science

The path to professorship leads over a long academic career - from a doctorate to a postdoc or lecturer position to habilitation. Those who persevere can spend their whole life studying their favorite natural science subject.

Environmental analyst

Environmental analysts study the direct and indirect effects of chemicals on the environment. They assess the condition of flora and fauna, check the harmful substances in the ecosystem and work with high-tech analysis methods.

Business consultant

Scientists who have had enough of research and development after graduation and would rather work with people could find their dream job in management consultancy or consulting.

Science editor

There are worlds between scientific and journalistic language. Science editors act as translators so that everyone has the chance to understand even the most difficult topics.

What should scientists pay attention to when choosing a career?

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