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Status quo

The expression Status quo (who) means today the “present state”.

From Status quo so one generally speaks when one means the current state of affairs. In particular, it also means the current legal or economic circumstances.

Often the term implies that the current state is problematic, but that there is no easy solution either.

Status quo is derived from the Latin legal language. In statu quo antemeant here "in the previous state".


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[ˌƩtaːtʊs ˈkvoː]

Usage examples

It doesn't help to break out into blind actionism. First of all, we need to be precise Status quo and then plan the next steps.

In the tense relationship between Taiwan and the People's Republic of China, there is no deviation from the - relatively stable - Status quo expected

Dietmar Schäfer, chairman of the Arge Automotive supplier industry, summarizes the Status quo in one sentence: "We are about to hit the wall."
- Stefan Schlögl (2009), Full against the wall, Die Zeit, April 30, 2009.

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