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Nogi (BJJ)
Submission wrestling

What's behind Nogi BJJ | Grappling | Submission Wrestling?

Nogi (also: grappling or submission wrestling) is the type of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu that is practiced without a gi (= kimono). Just like BJJ, it is a purely wrestling, highly technical martial arts sport, which also enables smaller and weaker people to control physically superior opponents and force them to give up.

The secret of the Nogi BJJ is to cover the dangerous striking distance as quickly as possible and to shift the fight to the ground. Since most people have absolutely no idea how to defend themselves on the ground, one can easily control, reposition and surrender a physically stronger opponent with an understanding of position and leverage. For this, the grappler mainly uses lever and choke techniques.

BJJ Lifestyle in Munich

BJJ, with or without a kimono, is not only the most effective martial arts in the world, but also one of the central aspects of life for many athletes, a real added value and support in all situations and a key to lasting happiness and joie de vivre. We are convinced of this and have therefore made it our task to share our passion for BJJ with Munich and as many people as possible here!

We have tried to summarize the reasons why BJJ has this enormous potential in the following blog article: “Life Hack: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu”

Why Grappling Munich MMA?

Our mission is to give the sport of grappling in Munich a sophisticated and contemporary face: Regardless of whether you are a total newcomer or an experienced competitive athlete - with us you will be picked up, supported and challenged accordingly.

We have by far the most extensive Nogi program in town. As an ambitious grappler, you can't really avoid us!

Nogi BJJ beginner

Our structured Nogi Basic courses offer you a perfect, beginner-friendly start in the sport of grappling - you learn the basics of the Nogi grappling sport at a high level, in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Entry into training is possible at any time. We are a team and we support each other next to the mat. In training you help each other and of course you can laugh too. And above all: our trainers know what they are talking about. Each of our coaches has been doing the sport for years, has fought himself and can really explain what he is doing.

Advanced grappling athletes and grappling competitors

In our “advanced” units you train in the strongest grappling competition team in Munich. As an advanced athlete, you know the easiest way to find out how things are going. We look forward to enrichment of our team and you are always very welcome to train with us - we look forward to you!

Of course competitions are not a must, at the same time we motivate every grappling athlete to face the challenge at least once and to have the exciting and in many ways instructive experience “grappling competition”. So if you are in the mood for adventure, you are in the best of hands with us and will be supported and prepared by our experienced (trainer) team.

Success speaks for itself - you can follow the results of our competition team on our blog!

The direct line to the source of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

We are a proud member of the Pound for Pound team under Sergio “Canudo” Zimmermann, with whom we are in constant and close contact. Canudo is a world-class athlete and role model on and off the mat. Our roots lead directly back to Rio to the great Carslon Gracie team. We respect this connection with pride, at the same time we maintain a contemporary, sensible relationship with one another and forego titles or rituals.

Graduations take place with us of course without any fees and are based on the individual performance of the athlete.

Please wear the Gi in which YOU feel comfortable. The main thing is that it is intact and clean 🙂

When can I do a Nogi BJJ trial?

A trial training session is possible for each of our training units. Due to the corona situation, we ask you to use the contact form to send us your first and last name, contact details and the course of your choice. Here is the link to our timetable.

What should I bring to the grappling trial training?

Normal sportswear, i.e. t-shirt and pants. You don't need shoes because we train barefoot on mats. And of course shower stuff. Our structured MMA Basic courses offer you a perfect, beginner-friendly start in the sport of MMA - you learn the basics of MMA sport at a high level, in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Entry into training is possible at any time.