Ventilation slots are required in garages

Ventilation garage

Yes, it is a duty. Have one near the floor and one under the ceiling on the other side. I left it out with wood and now has a fan cover in it.
I think it's practical.
In winter you can also put styrofoam in it if it gets too cold. what is meant by ground level? Is there a defined distance or is it e.g. half a meter above the ground? Mine are UK = FFOK + 15 or OK = DUK. What I know from building regulations is that natural or mechanical ventilation of the garage is mandatory

Do these building regulations apply to all of Austria?
Namely, I have no ventilation in my garage ... I haven't heard anything about it in my circle of friends.
And why does such a ventilation have to be done? Easy to google:

There are countless articles.

Normally, the ventilation value is achieved with the garage door in a single family home. @barneyb: So the supply air is actually at the bottom of the floor?

Which grille do you put on the outside? I guess what with a grille so that nothing can get in! Is there anything that keeps the rain out? The ventilation is on the weather side! you already have at least 2 openings (windows).
probably even 4 (goals) ...

Many doors have integrated ventilation in the base seal, which can be opened or closed ...

HeadHunter wrote: And why does such a ventilation have to be done?

mold prevention, air exchange.
an unheated attic must also be ventilated.

In the garage there is also the fact that exhaust gases are introduced when used appropriately and a lot of moisture ... @barneyb: and such a suitable natural cross ventilation through ventilation openings is, for example, the garage door, window or the door to the garage? Even if it has to be opened manually?

dyarne wrote: many doors have integrated ventilation in the base seal that can be opened or closed ...

I haven't looked at it yet. With us there is simply a rubber lip but whether you can open and close it ???

HeadHunter wrote: We just have a rubber lip but whether you can open and close it ???

our (normstahl) has 2 installation directions - once ventilated, once closed ... Windows and doors are NOT considered ventilation openings in the sense of the OIB (I think it's inside anyway). There must be permanently open cross-sections - e.g. 200cm2 PER parking space. That is quite a lot and with a garage door it is probably not possible to use the foot seal alone (except for a 5m wide one. Perhaps.).

There is no defined supply air or exhaust air openings - both are simply ventilation openings. Ideally, plan in three dimensions diagonally (i.e. on the short walls once at the bottom left and at the top right)

Use a normal galvanized ventilation grille (available in every hardware store) on the outside. In winter, do not "isolate" from the inside with styrofoam, as this prevents ventilation (does not correspond to the OIB and moisture that is brought in can no longer be discharged outside). And you all installed or left out such a ventilation opening?
As written, I haven't heard anything about it and haven't seen it anywhere in our circle of friends ...
I'll see if there is a special regulation for Carinthia - what's normal in Carinthia?!?!

But it's true that the garage is sometimes quite hazy. Until now I've just left the door open for a while or opened the garage door a crack. We accepted windows and gate folds in both the old and the new garage ...

the oib only says natural or mechanical ventilation ...

here is an old thread ... With me they first have an electric. Fan crowded because the garage is> 65sqm. Then the SV was satisfied with the recess in the concrete with the building permit.

With us they were quite steep