Might beat Superman Thor

From Spiderman to Thor, marketers should know these eight superheroes

Superhero stories as a hobby of a social minority - that was once upon a time. In the survey by the market research institute Appinio among 1,000 Germans between the ages of 16 and 65, the numbers speak a clear language: 99 percent of those surveyed know at least one superhero by name, 73 percent describe themselves as a fan of at least one hero, and 70 percent come out even as hardcore fans. But anyone who wants to capitalize on this pop cultural phenomenon should take a closer look at the personality of the individual heroes. Because depending on their individual background, the masked heroes take on very different roles in the lives of their fans.

It is noticeable that this top group only includes superheroes who were the respective protagonists of major cinema films. In some cases one can even speculate that it was the acting performance of the respective actor that brought the superhero to life in the first place. However, the accompanying background story cannot be separated from the charisma of the respective hero. Captain America (played by Chris Evans) has already had a prominent cinema career. But he has not become the favorite of the German fans because the story of this masked hero is too tailored to the needs of the American audience.

Spiderman:Peter Parker, who grew up in New York, is the best-known superhero with 88 percent of respondents in the survey. His adventures, which include super villains as well as love problems and career obstacles for a young career starter, also catapult him to the top when it comes to popularity with 27 percent of the mentions. At 19 percent, it is even number 1 among 16 to 24-year-olds on the popularity scale. And with 15 percent he is also the most popular superhero among the female target group. The humor of the Netzeschleuder should also explain that 26 percent of those surveyed would like to be his friend. 23 percent would like to be accompanied by him to a party. Spiderman does not correspond to the cliché that superhero stories primarily appeal to a male audience and must first and foremost be dark.

Superman:The forefather of modern superheroes is also at the top of the popularity scale with 87 percent awareness. There is no really bad thing to be said about him: he is popular with 22 percent of those surveyed and 24 percent of those surveyed would like to be his friend. However, the man of steel is also somewhat of a man without qualities. There is no target group that identifies more closely with him or is curious about a specific social interaction.

Batman:The Dark Knight from Gotham City lands right behind his friend Superman with 86 percent awareness. What he lacks in strength compared to Superman, he easily makes up for in social status. 25 percent of the Germans surveyed like him. The appeal is cross-generational: Batman clearly dominates the popularity scale in all age cohorts over 24 years. With 20 percent he is also at the top of the most popular superheroes among men. And although Batman is one of the most monosyllabic superheroes in the comic book world, 26 percent of those surveyed would like to be his friend. 21 percent could even imagine Batman as a party companion. 22 percent would like to go out with him just like that. His Carme doesn't fail to have an effect on women either: 21 percent would choose him to accompany them to go out in the evening.

Hulk:The Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde of the Atomic Age achieved an impressive 80 percent awareness despite rather mixed box office successes. The green giant choleric is even popular with 14 percent. However, the Hulk has not yet been able to establish a differentiated character profile among the fans. Most of all, they associate it with brute force. So it is hardly surprising that 25 percent would like to have him by their side in a bar fight.

Iron Man:Tony Stark, the man in iron armor, is the best example of a character who owes his public prominence above all to the performance of the actor who embodies him in the movies. In its comic version, Iron Man was never one of the heroes with a large fan base. In the movies, Robert Downey Jr. was able to breathe so much life into the character that it has become one of the anchor points of the Marvel cinematic universe. 76 percent of those surveyed know him and 23 percent like him - even with technology brands like Audi, which are very expensive to be placed in the Iron Man film world.

Wonder Woman:The only woman in the Champions League of Heroes is known to 66 percent of the Germans surveyed, and 15 percent like her too. Surprisingly, it only achieved second place on the popularity scale for women with 13 percent of all mentions. This low result may also be due to the fact that the heroine portrayed by Gal Gadot had a rather short cinema career with only two convincing films. But the performance of the Israeli actress made at least a strong impression on the audience: 29 percent of those surveyed would like the glamorous Amazon to accompany them to a party. This makes it the most popular party companion for both men and women.

Thor:The Norse god not only shares his historical roots in real mythology with Wonder Woman, but also that his success can mainly be explained by the good work of actor Chris Hemsworth. 66 percent of those surveyed know Thor and 20 percent like this superhero. Thor has developed a clear image through his films: 16 percent would like him to be an ally in a bar fight. 22 percent would like to go out with him. For men, at 26 percent, it is clearly the most popular accompaniment for an evening pub crawl.

Deadpool:With 49 percent awareness in all age groups, the masked man with the adult mouth and fighting style definitely belongs to the category of niche stars. But at the same time it is popular with 18 percent of those surveyed, which speaks for a particularly high level of loyalty among Deadpool fans. His image is clearly irresponsible but fun-oriented: 13 percent would like his help in a bar fight, while 19 percent would like to throw himself into the nightlife with him. cam