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Urban preservation of monuments in small and medium-sized towns in the old Federal Republic

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13 case studies prove: Every small and medium-sized town is an unmistakable individual that requires its own or even special procedures in order to meet the goals of urban monument preservation.

A rough city typology has to be differentiated at best in the respective circumstances of the pressure to change. The relation between density and centrality and centrality to the size of the historic city center are the benchmarks for this. Above all, different planning requirements can be derived from this for the problem that the city is changing its old functions, while its spatial and building structure should essentially not be touched.

Hans Henning Buchholz tries to find out whether, given the fact that the federal and state governments will consistently withdraw from funding in urban development for a longer period of time, there are still options for urban monument preservation, which restrictions are to be expected and what urban preservation will be in the future will arrive.

The author also devotes himself to the problem of the ongoing restoration of old building structures, the history of monument preservation and the current state of discussion on the topic.

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