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Choice of technique, games and location

Select the appropriate console under Parental Control Criteria

As a parent, you have many options for your children's computer games. When it comes to buying a game console, parents sometimes seek advice from the children. But not every console is equally recommendable in terms of youth media protection. When making a decision, children orient themselves towards the circle of friends. However, parents should know that depending on the device, you can set the youth protection to different degrees or poorly technically. The range of games also varies depending on the device. There are significantly more child-friendly titles for the Nintento Switch than for a Sony Playstation 4.

Select a suitable location for the device

Once the console has been bought, the question arises as to where it should be set up. Especially with children in the basic counter, the console should be where parents can keep an eye on it - better in the dining or living room than in the children's room. In this way, parents can influence what is played and for how long.

Regulate how they are used for mobile devices

With mobile devices like the Nintendo Switch, a smartphone or a tablet PC, parents have a much harder time checking what is being played with them. The temptation to play games that are not age-appropriate in secret or with friends is particularly great for children. On the other hand, only clear agreements and rules help, compliance with which must be checked, for example when it comes to which games are played or where the mobile devices are stored after the sleep-going time.

Activate protection of minors

Internet sites can also be called up with game consoles just like with a PC. A portable Nintendo Switch has a built-in Internet browser that children can use to navigate the Internet - provided they are connected to their home router.

Therefore, parents should activate the parental controls immediately after purchasing a console. These can be operated differently depending on the device. With Microsoft's Xbox, you can even set how long individual family members can play per day or per week. How parents can make the settings is described on the following pages:

Parental controls on Xbox 360

Parental controls on Xbox One

Protection of minors on PlayStation 4

Protection of minors on the Nintendo Switch

But caution is advised, as parental control settings have only limited effectiveness. Instructions and "cracking programs" are circulating on the Internet to revoke the child protection settings.

In the case of smartphones and tablets, you should specifically deal with the system settings in order to make the devices child-proof. Our article "Child protection / filter apps" describes what parents have to do to configure their smartphone or tablet in a child-friendly manner.

Observe recommendations and age ratings for games

When buying new software, you should always observe the color-coded age recommendation on the packaging: