How do I register a bike in rto

The officers of the two-wheeled crime investigation team secure around 700 stolen or found bicycles each year. More than a third of these bicycles cannot be returned because the police do not know the owners. Register your bike. Use the form for this.

Please note:

Only the combination of letters and / or numbers stamped into the bicycle frame can be used for registration. Some manufacturers attach the frame number using a film. This is then usually coated with clear varnish and usually contains the information that it is the frame number.

For e.g. carbon frames, the frame number can be etched on. Brochure on securing your bike against theft

Please always read the frame number yourself on the bike and not just from the invoice! It can happen that the information on the invoice does not match what you will find on the bike! Only the frame number found on the bike is relevant!

Important: Please only register your bike for registration if you live in Lower Saxony!

If you are not yet 16 years old, please ask your parents to do this for you.

Here you will find the data protection declaration for bicycle registration

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