How profitable was the tournament in the Middle Ages

Winsen (Aller) - The tournament stays in Winsen: "The whole knight association cheers"

"The whole Ritterbund is cheering. We have all been waiting for a decision to be made, from now on we can get down to the nitty-gritty when planning," said Ritterbund boss Sabine Angelov.

The majority in the local council, however, was pretty tight. 16 council members voted for the tournament, 13 against. One politician abstained.

In the debate, Councilor Friedrich-Wilhelm Falke, who is also the managing director of the WBA, pointed out that Winsen achieved a seven percent increase in overnight stays last year. The medieval spectacle also contributed to this. "The jousting games are very important for Winsen," said Falke. In addition to the spin-off from the CDU, the SPD group is also behind the tournament, which attracted a good 10,000 visitors last year.

The CDU parliamentary group leader Christian Peters said that the knight games in 2014 did not bring the expected result financially, although all factors such as the venue and weather were ideal. In view of the deficit municipal budget, his parliamentary group rejects the 2015 Ritterspiele "on its own". The event under the responsibility of the Knight Association is "always welcome".

There was also criticism from the UWG. "We are assuming that fewer spectators will come. It speaks volumes that the Ritterbund does not want to hold the event itself. He sees for himself that the games cannot be run profitably," said Horst Arndt.