How does the media affect information?

Media in the everyday life of children

“Media childhood” yesterday and today

The modern digital media, as they shape the everyday life of families today, did not play such a major role in the childhood of the parents' generation. While children nowadays grow up with digital media such as computers, cell phones and the Internet as a matter of course, many parents only got to know digital media in adulthood - today's children and adolescents are "native speakers" or so-called "digital natives" in digital worlds, while their parents are "immigrants" or “digital immigrants”. So it is not surprising that many parents are a little alienated or helpless about their children's enthusiasm for the media.

In the meantime, however, there is a change here, as the current adolescent and young parents have already grown up with a comparatively large range of media.

The media offerings and their use will continue to change and develop and will maintain their influence on everyday family life and growing up. Skepticism and caution about what this means for children in terms of content and technology are certainly appropriate. But it is just as important that parents respect the child’s curiosity, be interested in their child’s media interests and discover what positive and meaningful media can offer children too. Only then can parents actually provide their child with advice when dealing with the media and find meaningful rules for dealing with the media.