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Translation of "Do you prefer" in English

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Which by Zac Posen for target lines do you prefer: American ...
What do you prefer, Apples or bananas?
What do you prefer, Shakespeare or Bacon?
What do you prefer? Pools or the Ocean?
What do you prefer? Arranging in the studio or playing on stage?
So which one do you prefer, yellow or checkered?
Younha: What an image do you prefer? Emotional or Warrior?
What do you prefer, Dad, sea glass or starfish?
What do you prefer, White wine or red wine?
Whom do you prefer: The Giants or the Dragons?
What do you prefer, Rock music or classical music?
What do you prefer, summer or winter?
Honestly tell me ... who do you prefer, Priscilla or me?
What do you prefer, PC or Mac? -PC PC.
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