What are the alternative toys for LEGO

Lego alternative: These products are a good alternative

The colorful building blocks from Lego have been an indispensable part of children's rooms for decades. The shapes of the stones and the creative freedom with which children playfully learn motor skills and spatial imagination are innumerable. Many parents see the sets as an opportunity to promote their children's fine motor skills and imagination. But adults also enjoy the building blocks as a relaxing contrast to the digital world.

In 2010, the group lost its trademark protection on the terminal block, which is why other companies have since been allowed to offer Lego-compatible products with the same block sizes. The fact that other manufacturers have also penetrated the market shows that the possibilities are far from being exhausted, even aside from Lego's core topics.

Lego building blocks box: inexpensive alternatives to the market leader

Lego is not only available in many shapes, but also in many colors. The fact that the market leader has introduced many more color gradations in addition to the basic colors over the past decade makes the models look more coherent, but also makes it difficult to build something new from them that doesn't look like a motley rag rug.

In order to increase the supply of basic colors, we recommend a stone box such as the Q-Bricks 750 parts box *, in which there are enough of each of the 6 classic basic colors.

If you would like to have a few extra colors, the building blocks box from WYSWYG * is recommended. The Amazon's Choice product includes 1000 stones in 10 different colors.