How often should I stream on Twitch?

The emport All-In-One Twitch Guide for beginners & professionals

Hello and welcome on that probably most comprehensive Twitch Guide in German-speaking countries. This post is for both aspiring Twitch streamers, as well as for Twitch pros suitable to inform yourself.

The links in the table of contents will take you to the topics that interest you. The entire post is packed with good examples and recommendations. If you have any questions or comments, please write them directly in the comments or use our contact form. We will post this update regularly and delete obsolete content.

Table of Contents

What is Twitch Streaming?

Twitch is a live stream broadcasting platform, spun off from in 2011, which was taken over by Amazon in 2014 - for almost a billion US dollars. Video games are mainly streamed on, i.e. broadcast live while playing. Twitch is interesting from several perspectives: e-sports fans can watch their idols gamble, while successful streamers can earn money with their hobby. It is predicted that esports will see tremendous growth in the years to come.

This blog post also looks at the different ways streamers can make money on Twitch.

Personal branding - person and personality in the stream

Let's start from scratch: So there are people who are extremely successful in having a large number of people watching them gamble and even pay or donate for it in the form of donations and subscriptions.

Before we go into the technical specifics, content and design elements, we briefly clarify the subject of "person and personality in the stream", i.e. who and what is being streamed.

The big, overarching topic for all considerations about your own Twitch or Youtube channel should be: "How do I present myself to the public?"

Your own person on the net is built up like a brand. If this personal branding succeeds, your own name stands for something. An example from the old economy would be the high quality of Hipp baby food and the claim "This is what I stand for with my name". It's the same with streamers and online content creators: Bibi's Beauty Palace will certainly not bring a Rainbow Six Siege livestream, and viewers would not expect that either. It sounds banal, but it is often overlooked by small businesses, brands and streamers. It is important to communicate in a thematically stringent and stylish manner if you want to build up a larger reach or fan base.

Content idea - your livestream concept in one sentence

The basic idea for a stream should be described in one sentence. Without your own, as unique as possible, idea it will be extremely difficult to convince viewers to leave a follow, sub or donation to your own channel. On the other hand, of course, not every streamer, every company and every influencer can reinvent the wheel. Try not to just imitate other channels, but to develop a really unique style. Designing your own channel can help a lot. More on this in the sub-item Twitch Design.

Streaming concept

One can argue about whether a perfectly worked out concept has to be in place right from the start, or whether it just emerges over time. Both can be successful. Those who are just starting to stream should try different things and just see what they are comfortable with. However, with content that is completely different each time, you will certainly not be able to maintain a larger following. Sooner or later you should stick to a uniform type of communication and visual language. At the latest when it comes to selling merch or working with brands as influencers.

Person - Who is streaming?

How do you want to be perceived as a streamer to the outside world? Sure, in order to appear authentic, you should be yourself as best you can - but you should also note: A Joko Winterscheid is definitely not the same person at home as on the television screen. You have to feel comfortable in your role, but that doesn't mean exposing your entire person and personality to the public unfiltered.

Content - What is being streamed?

There are many ways what can be streamed. The common genres include everything from gaming, beauty and music to cooking shows, craft tutorials, news or other entertainment. Similar to television. Nudity and extreme violence are strictly forbidden.

How about that copyright off when streaming a computer game? Game developers usually put forms online that streamer can fill out in order to protect themselves legally. The emport editorial team is not aware of any case in which a streamer in Germany was warned or sued by a game manufacturer. As soon as your own streams reach a certain size, you should definitely talk to the developers and secure a contract. Cooperations can develop from this, especially with smaller indie games.

Your own Twitch account

Costs & minimum age

Creating a Twitch account is free. Anyone over the age of 13 can legally use Twitch. However, anyone between the ages of 13 and 18 (not yet of legal age) may only use Twitch in the presence of a supervisor / parent or legal guardian. Anyone using Twitch confirms that they are adhering to these guidelines.

Profile picture & channel banner

As is common in social networks, a meaningful profile picture and a channel banner (cover picture) are expected on Twitch. You can get to the settings for your profile picture and banner by clicking your own name in the top right corner and then clicking on “Settings” in the drop-down menu at the bottom. Statistics show that profile pictures that show a "real face" that appears friendly and happy are the most appealing. It is helpful if your own profile picture exudes confidence and success, i.e. the person stands with an upright, open posture instead of sitting around with sunken shoulders. These tips can help you get followers on Twitch. Most users prefer to follow positive and successful streamers who exude fun and joy.

Profile design

A good design for your own Twitch channel is a discipline in itself. All of the customizable elements are discussed in detail in this post. In the Twitch Design topic, everything about panels, overlays, alerts and much more is brought together. At you can have individual graphics made for your own Twitch channel.


Don't be afraid of legal requirements for streamers! The legal situation is not always super easy for German streamers, but it is absolutely not an insurmountable hurdle. Important keywords here are, for example, the imprint and the so-called "information obligation". After some research, we came across GamesLaw with our legal questions about streaming, which have summarized the legal obligations for streamers in a wonderfully clear manner at Short comments explain exactly what the individual paragraphs mean for Twitch and Youtube content. Highly recommended, especially when it comes to product reviews or influencers of any kind. Be sure to read through!

Connect social media channels to the Twitch channel

You can connect your Twitch channel to various social media. So that viewers can follow the streamer outside of the live stream and are kept up to date, it is advisable to use appropriate To be integrated on the left in the panels. We explain exactly how this works here: Twitch panels and design.

To publish your own streams in various Facebook groups, on Reddit or under certain hashtags on Twitter. This makes a lot of sense if your own content really fits the topic of the group / forum and answers a certain question there, for example. Successful Ways How To Promote Your Own Stream Here:
11 ways to promote your own Twitch channel

Live streaming software for Twitch

Twitch alone is not enough to stream. Streaming software is required, which must be installed and set up on your own computer. The best-known programs for this are OBS Studio, XSPLIT and Wirecast. The order of this test goes from free (OBS Studio) to affordable (XSPLIT) to the expensive high-end version (Wirecast). But watch out: In terms of usability and simple user guidance, it should be noted that Wirecast and XSPLIT are clearly ahead of the pack compared to the rather clunky OBS Studio.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free and has a solid set of features. Everything you need to stream and more. OBS runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. A large variety of additionally installable plug-ins can turn the essentially simple software into a real all-rounder - Top!
However, it will take several hours of testing for new users until OBS is properly set up and runs smoothly. The reason for this is the less intuitive user guidance. It takes a lot of time to find all the settings and click the scenes together nicely. In addition, there are no standard default settings for bit rate, encoder settings or audio - i.e. test, test, test, because these settings depend on your own computer, the connection (more precisely the upload rate) and the game or content that is being streamed.

See also: Testing the Internet Connection / Upload Rate


XSPLIT is affordable at $ 5 / $ 30 per month (depending on the subscription), but certainly not for hobby streamers who just want to make a live stream every now and then. The program runs exclusively on Windows, not on Mac or Linux. Without additional plugins, this program can display wonderful 3D animations, replace green screens and stream them in a quality that almost approaches the level of TV shows or series. If you value good user guidance, image processing and color filters (similar to Instagram), this is the software you should rely on. Skype can also be integrated as a separate video source, for example. This allows many possibilities for interviews or streams, where you could switch back and forth between different players live ...
The only drawback: No presets for bit rates and encoding - so you have to find out yourself. If you don't know how to do this, here are a few answers and basic rules: Test the internet connection / upload rate


Wirecast is an absolute professional software. Cost: one-time fee of $ 700 to $ 1000. There is a free trial version that allows some functions. With this version you can only stream on Youtube, not on Twitch. This software has by far the most video streaming features, uses, and capabilities. Wirecast runs on Mac and Windows. There is a direct interface to Facebook live. In addition, this software can be used to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. All settings for bit rates, frames per second, resolution, etc. are available in mutually compatible presets - a big plus! User guidance and usability are state-of-the-art in technology and design - but that's what you can expect at this high price.

Twitch equipment

There is already a detailed article on emport that deals with the topic of Twitch Equipment. Here we only summarize the most important points. You can find the detailed article under this link: Twitch Equipment Article.

Hardware - minimum requirements, consoles, second computer

The hardware required depends on the game.

Not absolutely necessary at the beginning, but it saves a lot of nerves: A second, so-called broadcast computer next to the computer on which the game is running. This avoids lags, fps drops and is more convenient to set / change scenes because you don't have to "tab out". The secondary computer does not have to meet any particularly high requirements. It can even be cheaper to use two mid-range computers than one extremely high-quality one. Streaming Switzerland has written a very detailed and good blog post on how streaming works with 2 PCs. This is also relevant when it comes to streaming with consoles.

Test internet connection / upload rate

Nasty topic, as it is quite individual, but there are rules of thumb: streaming with 720p needs at least 3Mbit / second of your upload, FullHD (1080p) at least 6 Mbit / second. You can test your own bandwidth, for example, on a speed test. Attention: Unfortunately, this often does not correspond 100% to what is in the contract with the provider.

The video quality must be set so that the game and video from your webcam are not pixelated. There are various tricks to make your own videos as high-definition as possible. More on this in the camera section. Basically, however, the following applies here: test, test, test. The settings are very individual and depend on your own computer, internet connection, camera and of course the game. But: No need to despair. If you look at the first / early videos of famous Twitch streamers or Youtubers, you can see that the video quality has rarely been really great from the start. Make it easy; see if it works, and gradually get better.

Microphone - (almost) free to professional

Experienced film experts know that sound is twice as important as image. Nevertheless, it doesn't have to be the most expensive equipment to start with.

Important: Mechanically "decouple" the microphone from the desk. You can also hear light knocking with your fingers / hand on the table on which the microphone is placed, and that is annoying. A mechanical decoupling can be achieved, for example, via a spider (suspension between rubber bands) or an extra tripod for the microphone.

The best microphone for streaming? Here are three options, from (almost) free to professional:

€ 10 - Apple headphones: Anyone who already has an iPhone with appropriate headphones can use them wonderfully as a microphone for streaming. In various review videos on Youtube you can see or hear that the sound really sounds good enough for voice recordings. Apple headphones (not wireless) are available almost everywhere and cost a little less than € 10 on Ebay, for example.

70 € - The Auna MIC-900B (with table tripod 80 € on Amazon) is a bit more professional, but still cheap. It has a much richer sound than Apple's headset. More depths and a fuller volume make your own voice sound less tinny, you can say "warmer".

If you want to record music in addition to your live streams or experiment with singing and sound design, you should look for better alternatives in the long term. Here will like that Rode NTUSB or NT2000Condenser, the Blue Yeti or that Technica AT-2020 called. In German-speaking countries, the Thomann website can be recommended for purchasing a microphone, especially because of the qualified customer reviews.

Headphones - standard is enough

Normal standard headphones are sufficient for streaming, depending on the setup and game you could even theoretically stream without headphones. Anyone who plays shooters knows of course that good gaming headsets make perfect sense, for example to be able to hear the steps of the opponent - but that is initially a minor matter for the stream.

Camera & light

Many streamers film themselves while gaming with a webcam. The image quality does not only depend on the camera itself, but also on the light. We have linked three good cameras for live streaming here.

The biggest problem with webcams in general is the poor low-light performance of the small lenses. A lot of light is required so that the picture does not “get into a crisis”, i.e. has no dark areas or “noise” (gain noise). If you illuminate your face well, you will achieve significantly better video quality.

Good and common models are currently (April 2018) for example:

Logitech C920 around € 60-80, good enough if the room is bright.
Logitech C930 E approx. 90 €, compare prices!
Razer Kiyo approx. 110 €, top: soft "ringlight" light without shadows

The difference between the Razer Kiyo and the Logitech C920 becomes clear in this video: The ring light looks really professional.

Green screen

With chroma key or “green screen technology” the background (i.e. everything that is green or blue for blue screens) can be replaced with another image or video. The streaming software XSPLIT and Wirecast have already integrated this feature, and there are corresponding plugins for OBS Studio.

The main part is done by the software.The entire scene should be well lit (e.g. with a softbox on each side - a set of 3 is very cheap on Amazon) so that no shadows can be seen on the green area. You should make sure that the background is not moved too much, that is, has a firm footing and is not in the "draft" of doors and windows, for example.

Anything that is homogeneously green or blue in terms of color and can be attached to the streamer without creasing and neatly lit works as a green background. In total, you should plan around 100 € for a reasonable set that meets the requirements for streaming on Twitch with a green screen.

Twitch design

When Twitch Design is mentioned, the so-called overlay is often meant. This is a compilation of graphics that are superimposed on the video in the live stream. The screen sets and panels are often included in this term. In the following subsections we explain what is what and what you can use it for.

Twitch design is basically a personal branding topic. It's about self-expression and external perception. You should be aware of how you want to be perceived by the public.

A good and individual Twitch design can have the following positive effects on your channel:

  • Increased recognition value
  • The audience feels better addressed
  • Pleasant visuals increase the watch time
  • The uniqueness of the channel is highlighted

You can have a unique Twitch design made for you on emport. All advantages are detailed here again: To the Twitch package.


The overlay consists of several animations, functions and image files that are entered into the scene within the streaming software of choice. There are different types of overlays. One of the most popular is the Twitch Overlay Box Set from emport, because the frames / boxes in this type of overlay can be freely placed on the screen and are therefore versatile. For example, a frame for the facecam (if you don't use a green screen); a box for the chat; an element that leaves space for last followers, last donations, last subscribers and current playlist / music etc. This is often called the “top bar” because it is placed at the top of the screen. The overlay boxes can be arranged differently for different scenes. A "game overlay" is an overlay that is permanently optimized, styled and arranged for the user interface of a particular game.

When switching back and forth between different games often, many streamers use a so-called "game frame". Here the game screen is only displayed within a smaller field (i.e. in the game frame, around 70% of the entire screen).

Basically there are no limits to the imagination. It just has to work within the selected software and be technically representable in some way.

Twitch screen set

A screen is the term used to describe images that are faded in over the entire surface and that are basically informative without a game being seen - classic "AFK", "Offline" or "Starting Soon". We have put together a few options for using screens here:

Intermission screen aka pause screen aka IRL screen

Exceptions confirm the rule: the intermission screen is the only one that often includes cam and chat. This is mostly used between the rounds, e.g. with LOL, i.e. while there are breaks in the game or matchmaking is in progress. The game often continues in a small area so that nobody has to worry about missing something. The time can then be used by the streamer to take a deep breath and chat.


Be-right-back or away-from-keyboard screens are static backgrounds in channel design that are fully faded in. These screens are used while the streamer is not at the computer - for example, when the player has to go to the door / to the toilet and wants to prevent things from happening or being written in his stream or chat that he cannot directly control.

Offline screen

See BRB Screen, just permanently. Often used as a stream ending (see below).

Stream Starting

Before the stream starts, it can make sense to display a “Starting Soon” screen. This is how the viewers see, who gradually come in, because they have found out about the stream via FB, Twitter and eMail, that it is really going to start right away and stay on the site.

Stream ending

After the live stream has ended, a “Stream Ending” screen can be displayed. This makes sense on YouTube, in particular, so that people who tune in can click at the beginning of the stream to watch the entire video. During this time you remain displayed as "LIVE" and can thus get a few extra clicks from people who see this notification.

Twitch panels

You can access the settings for the Twitch Panels by clicking on your name at the top right, clicking on "Channel" and then directly below the video window, to the right of the channel feed, using the "Edit panels" control.

The boxes on your own channel into which you can either insert text or image content are called "Twitch Panels". We have compiled a list of how and what these panels are mainly used for. The following applies to all Twitch panels: making the panels visually appealing not only looks better, but also increases the overview on the channel. Arrange the panels so that the most important things appear at the top: Make it as easy as possible for your viewers, customers or users to find the content they are looking for or want.

Design of Twitch panels

There are basically three options for designing Twitch panels:

  1. Simple: Styled font on a simple background in the design of the channel, descriptive text as simple text underneath. If there are several panels, only the text in the panel changes, nothing else. See Twitch Panel example here
  2. Simple with icons: a different icon (e.g. mascots, smileys or abstract graphics) and matching fonts are styled on a matching background in the channel design for each panel. The descriptive text below the panel is also inserted here as a simple text by the streamer itself. See examples of Twitch panels here
  3. Integrated: The main difference to 2. is that not only the icon and font above in the panel are completely styled in the channel design, but also the text below. Twitch Panel example

Put simply, the difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd looks something like this. Correct examples of projects on our platform can be found in our own "Twitch Panels" blog entry.

Twitch Panel About / About me

An "About Me" about your own clan or an "About Me" panel about yourself in the stream is a good thing on Twitch. This panel is not the place for an elaborated biography - but a banner with the words “About me” and your own picture, logo or a stylized version of your own profile picture goes down very well with the viewers and increases the length of stay. Viewers should be able to find this information quickly and read who the streamer is in one sentence. Potential subscribers can quickly see what defines you. You can set up this text as a mini-pitch, i.e. as a short presentation of yourself and your content. A simple sentence like: "Hi, we are the emport team and we show you how to put together the ideal Twitch profile." Is also sufficient at the beginning.

Twitch Panel stream times

A panel with stream times or Twitch Schedule, for example displayed with a clock or a calendar, helps viewers to find out when you will next stream. It makes sense to make this panel as clear as possible.

Hardware panel

If you have already given yourself all the effort with the hardware, you can let your viewers know! Often the audience wants to know which microphones or cameras the streamer is using. Well done, there is space for affiliate and referral links. What exactly this is and what programs there are for streamers to be able to earn money on Twitch, we have explained below.


Earning money by streaming, or rather - receiving donations from fans and friends - works via plugins like Tippeee Stream or Streamlabs. You can draw attention to this function in a panel and, for example, open a small “Hall of Fame” in which the largest donations are entered.

All options, plugins and add-ons with which you can receive donations, and a brief legal information about the tax liability of "tips" can be found below under "Earning money on Twitch".

Chat rules

Chat rules on Twitch can be edited in Settings / Channel & Info / "Chat Rules" at the bottom. Many streamers or channels define chat rules. They mainly serve as a reminder for viewers. Mostly it is pointed out here that no insults are allowed, no racist comments, no spamming or the like. It is possible to automatically filter messages here and not allow swear words, for example. You can use the chat rules to encourage viewers to chat with you - so “write in the chat when you're new; write how you came across this channel and what you want / expect in the stream ”. With this information you can react specifically to your viewers and know what you could possibly pay attention to. So there are many ways to use the chat rules panel.

Twitch affiliate and referral panel banners

An affiliate panel banner indicates the status in the Twitch or Amazon Associates program. What exactly is the Amazon Partner Program (Amazon Associates on Twitch) and how you can earn money with it, we explain later in this article.

Sponsor logos

Another way to use panel banners sensibly on Twitch is to place a sponsor's logo. In general: You should have negotiated very specifically where, how and when a sponsor's logo will be seen so that there are no discrepancies about it afterwards.

A detailed introduction to the topic of sponsorship (statistics, key figures, etc.) can be found below in this blog post: Earning money with Twitch.

Twitch Alerts

Twitch Alerts are basically pop-ups that can be seen temporarily in the stream and can be specifically built into the overlay structure. Twitch Alerts show, for example, when there are new followers, donations or subscribers. Everything about Twitch Alerts and what options there are to implement them technically, we have summarized for you in this article on the topic of using Twitch Alerts correctly.

Success on Twitch

The more viewers, the greater the success. You can divide your audience into three different groups:

The Personality Follower: These are viewers who follow a streamer because they think they are great as a person and are fans; not necessarily because they love the streamed game. These fans network with the streamer on all channels, like, share and tell their friends about it. Conclusion: best kind of audience.

The Game Followers: These viewers are not interested in the person in the stream, but rather the gameplay and tips / tricks they can learn. Conclusion: Game First, You Second. These viewers can also become personality followers.

Contest Follower: The third and "worst" type of follower. They hardly bring watchtime and are not interested in streamers or content. You are only after the giveaway. Below we write how you can still make good use of competitions in order to be successful with your own stream.

4 ways to succeed on Twitch

In contrast to many other publications on this topic, we are not writing semi-fake lists of the most successful Twitch channels here, but a list of four successful streaming concepts in German-speaking countries, all of which have achieved great popularity in different ways .


You don't always have to be nice. However, criticism on the Internet can quickly come back in the form of a shit storm and have legal consequences. Nevertheless: A quick look at the current political events in the USA shows: Anyone who polarizes with incorrect, insulting and controversial statements gets attention. An example from YouTube Germany is the video “Milk is Poison”, with which the Youtuber “Unge” made it into pretty much every online magazine and ranked number one on Google. Even Jan Böhmermann tweeted about the video (reach: 2.2 million). As a result, a Youtuber who normally has around 100k views per video shot up to 1.5 million views.

Channel examples:

Staiy - 126,427 followers (April 2018)

MontanaBlack88 - 859,554 followers (April 2018).


Another way to make your own videos successful is to give professional tips, instructions or recommendations. This can range from playing LOL tactics for ex-pros to home cooks whipping up delicious five-minute one-pot dishes. Anyone who can credibly position themselves as an expert has a big advantage of trust in the Twitch community and quickly gets followers and subscribers. Of course, this is only the case if the content of the videos is correspondingly good.

Channel example:

kev1nTV 175,595 followers (April 2018)


The type of videos in which new products are unpacked and shown or loot or in-game packs are opened is basically easy to describe: Show people what they want to see. Because this concept is very simple at its core, there are extremely many providers of such videos. Limited merch from large productions, a larger alpha pack opening or the unboxing of extremely high-quality hardware are interesting, if you are familiar with them.

Channel example:

TrilluXe 282,082 followers (April 2018)


Variety streamers rely on their personality and the show character of their streams, less on the way they play. So it's not about pro gameplay, but about interesting, beautiful gameplay, the story of which is accompanied, enriched and commented on by the streamer. So far so good! So can anyone just become a variety streamer?
Building a variety stream channel is not easy. There are two major difficulties. Number 1: Viewers are used to finding similar content on a channel. TV channels are a good comparison. The same show is not shown around the clock, but the content is coordinated in such a way that viewers can stay with it over several programs. Number 2: You have to be up to the task of entertaining viewers without being annoying or boring. It is a tightrope act to be a good showmaster. Most of them fall as quickly as they climb up.

A good channel example is Gronkh, who repeatedly plays nice, little indie games with a funny plot, remains wonderfully relaxed and comments so well, but calmly, that you just like to keep watching. He's a very personable, authentic streamer, and that's what people celebrate.

Channel example:

Gronkh 831,579 followers

11 ways to promote your own Twitch channel

1. Promote yourself, not the stream

As already explained in the chapter "Success on Twitch", the viewers of a stream can be divided into three categories. First: People who only became a follower (or similar) because of a competition - they don't get watch time and don't know you. Second, people who are interested in the game, but not in you. Third, and the very best type of viewer for your channel are viewers who follow you, who want to see you; regardless of what you play or do. The goal must be to gain as many followers in the third category as possible. Such people share streams on social media, write comments, etc. - This makes you important as a person and attracts the attention of new viewers.

2. Meaningful competitions

There is no point in using competitions to attract people who will never watch a stream on your channel again. So you should try, for example, to hold competitions with your own currency, in which people have the greatest chance of watching the most - for example, monthly raffles among the subscribers. The competition is then simply a thank you for loyal fans and helps to build a real community.

3. Facebook

Posting good, short, funny or interesting videos on social networks before going live makes a lot more sense than selfies or just text: it gives people a reason to tune in because they see what they can look forward to.

You should not only use your own site, but also groups. It helps to have friends in the group who like, share and maybe write a comment like “was funny last time, see you soon!” Or something like that - in marketing language: social proof.

Large group on FB:
Youtube / Twitch Promotion Germany

4. Reddit / forums

Reddit is currently almost only relevant in English-speaking countries. As soon as this changes, we will share our experience here as to which topics are useful for streamers and which are not. Reddit is basically a very large forum with a lot of topics - if the content fits, you should definitely look for forums where you can post your videos / streams as answers to the questions that are asked there.

5. Twitter

Twitter basically has all the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook. The difference is that you do not post in groups, but with hashtags. A small, possibly interesting feature are Twitter bots that repost you when you use a certain hashtag. However, you should be careful and check carefully which bots you are working with here.

6. Instagram

Pictures are better than plain text, but selfies alone don't get subscribers. Instagram is a great way to keep in touch with your fans. At a time when you don't stream yourself, you can give such a sign of life and, for example, publish stream announcements packed in interesting pictures.

7. Show interest

Yes, it's close to hypocrisy, but it works: Whoever chats with their viewers and remembers who they are and what they did the next day, e.g. "XY had to leave earlier because of school or work", wins friends, and thus loyal followers. Best tip: Talk to people about something other than yourself.
Build a connection between you and your viewers, this helps extremely in getting recurring personality followers and subscribers with high watch time.

8. Offline and through friends and family

Especially at the beginning, when nobody knows you, it is extremely helpful to get a few friends or family members to help you. So share videos, write comments, watch streams, tell others about it. Maybe it helps to buy your friends a beer or a coffee every now and then. 😉

9. Collaborations

Write to other channels of a similar size, target group and with suitable content and ask if you are interested in collaborations. That works very well in said Facebook groups. Often it is easier to react to others than to look for collaborations yourself. In any case, clear communication is important. Put everything in writing, even if it's only in the chat window, so that you can later "prove" what was said and what was not.

10. Google Adwords

Admittedly, a somewhat experimental option and certainly not for beginners: Promote your own Twitch channel with Google Adwords.

In theory, the calculation could look something like this: What is important is what you earn per viewer who leaves a sub there and donates. This value can be calculated from historical data on your channel - let's assume a small channel with specialized content for this calculation example. We assume that a subscriber stays for an average of three months and donates five euros once. That would be an average income of € 12.50 per sub.

For example, a Google ad with a video / image for the keyword “Best LOL Tricks” could cost 50ct per click. This means that every 25th person who clicks on the ad would have to become an average subscriber for it to pay off. So a conversion rate of 4%. It's not easy, but it's also not utopian if the content is really good. Google often has promotions where you get € 70 (sometimes more, sometimes less) start-up capital for the ads. You can start with that and see what it brings.

Whether this calculation example works depends heavily on the keyword, on your own content and on whether the target group looking for this keyword really wants to see a Twitch video or not.

11. Tinder & Co.

Yes, you read that right! If you take it seriously, dating apps are just chats that put you in touch with like-minded people. After a short small talk, for example, you can answer "what you are doing", that you are working on a new project, a LOL channel, etc. - that will not always work, but especially at the beginning you could gain followers that way lie outside of one's own circle of acquaintances.

Make money streaming on Twitch

Subscriptions or paying subscribers

Viewers can subscribe to channels on Twitch for a fee. Subscriptions cost the viewer $ 4.99 per month, of which the streamer receives about half.

The Amazon Partner Program - Amazon Associates on Twitch

Unfortunately, Twitch's own article on the topic is not available in German. We have briefly summarized the most important things from Twitch's English-language help article:

The Amazon Associates program is a way for your viewers to support you when they shop on Amazon without paying more. The program is used by influencers, bloggers and publishers to monetize their pages. When viewers buy a product through the links of the Amazon partners, they receive a commission.

How exactly does the Amazon affiliate program work on Twitch?

The streamer links products on Amazon on its own channel. When a viewer clicks on the link to Amazon and buys the product, the streamer receives commissions for all products in the shopping cart.

How can I promote products and insert links on my Twitch channel?
  1. Copy the URL of the product on Amazon.
  2. Add your tracking ID at the end of the URL. The end of the link should look like this: "& tag = YOUR_TAG-20".
  3. Copy the entire link.
  4. To create a clickable text list of elements on your channel page, insert the links under your player by setting the "On / Off" switch in the description area of ​​your profile page to "On" for the edit mode and then inserting the following into the description text:
    [ITEM NAME 1] (ITEM 1 URL)
    [ITEM NAME 2] (ITEM 2 URL)
    [ITEM NEME 3] (ITEM 3 URL)
  5. Receive commissions!

Another possibility to benefit from your viewers' purchases on Amazon is to use the “Amazon Wish List”. This is how it works:

  1. Go to Amazon and create a new wish list.
  2. Name the list. Example: "My PC Build, 2018"
  3. Add Amazon items to the list by clicking on "Add to Wishlist".
  4. Click on "Add comments, quantity and priority" to mark all items as bought ("have / bought" = 1) and filter the list for "bought".
  5. Add your associate tracking ID to the URL "& tag = YOUR_TAG-20". Your completed wish list link should look like this:
  6. Copy the url.
  7. Use this URL as a description in one of your panels. Paste the link on your channel under the player by setting the “On / Off” button for the edit mode to “On”. Insert a panel banner. Paste the URL into the URL area and click "Save". A picture can now be added to each cell. Additional URLs can be added using Markdown (see above) in the description area of ​​a cell.
  8. Earn commissions!

Twitch provides buttons for these functions. These types of links are often referred to as “referrals”.

Sponsors for your Twitch channel

Sponsors for your Twitch channel can be found on the sponsor board, for example. Often, however, sponsors tend to approach the streamers more directly when they have reached a corresponding size.

In order to be interesting for sponsors, “monthly unique visitors” are crucial. That means how many (different) people actually see the content on the channel each month. You can determine this value via your own profile / statistics. To be sponsored by emport, you need at least 1000 viewers per month.

Donations on Twitch

For example, you can use Streamlabs (previously called “Twitch Alerts”). DomTheBomb has a good video tutorial on Youtube.

The plugin has various features that range from the classic display as an alert box to the display of the last donations as a dynamic list or as a “jar” (“tip glass”). Streamlabs can also be used for Facebook LIVE, Mixer and Youtube and is currently free, but partly still in beta.

We try to keep this blog post as up-to-date as possible, should something change again soon.

Do donations have to be taxed?

It's so difficult to say in general, because as every good lawyer knows: it depends. Mainly on the amount and type of channel. Herbert Mette summarized exactly what in the GamesLaw blog - an article that we strongly recommend to every streamer.


That's it! You have reached the end of our Twitch guide! Congratulations. If you have any questions, please use the comment function - we will answer you as soon as possible. Of course we will bring as many content updates as possible here in the future. If you have any comments or additions, we look forward to your comment!