Who is the next great musician?

The next great musician has left - Glenn Frey is dead

One of the truly universal guilty pleasures of the last 40 years has always been to fervently sing along to "Hotel California" at least once on a long car trip. The Eagles' biggest hit, and one of the most successful bands of all time with well over 150 million records sold. Founder, guitarist, songwriter and singer Glenn Frey died yesterday at the age of only 67 while convalescing an operation from the effects of longstanding arthritis and chronic bowel inflammation.

The man who, as a songwriter or co-writer, has created some of the Eagles' greatest hits, including “Take It Easy”, “Tequila Sunrise”, “Desperado” or “Hotel California”, always convinced with powerful and solid vocals Guitar work. Like almost all members of the band, he was able to start a successful solo career after they broke up, which was crowned by the international hit "The Heat Is On" - inseparable from the classic film Beverly Hills Cop connected.

A few excursions into the acting field, a very successful reunion with the Eagles and solo records marked the later years of Glenn Frey, who has now passed away much too early. Take care Glenn, we're going to have a Tequila Sunrise for you today.

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