Love can actually die

10 Depressing Reasons Love Dies in a Relationship | 2021

Once you realize that love has died in your relationship, you know that the end is soon to follow.

Love is a very strange thing. No one can really give a proper definition of love because no two loves are alike. There is no greater force on earth that would be such a mystery to many. They say love never dies a natural death, and I'm here to discuss what kills it.

When it comes to love, I admit that I'm just a fool. What I learned from love, I drew from experience. I can never really rely on books because too many have turned out to be mere delusions of a beautiful mind.

Is there such a thing as forever?

As a lonely soul, I wander from place to place. I am trying to find meaning in my life and maybe hearing the stories of people gives meaning to my seemingly colorless life. One thing that fascinates me is hearing the stories of couples who last made love. I've learned the hard way that nothing really lasts in this generation. Everyone is so used to leading a fast-paced lifestyle that even love becomes cheaper.

I found love, lost love, only to find it again. Again and again I pick up the fragments of my broken heart. I would find solace in talking to people and hearing their stories. I'm intrigued by what they have to tell me because their love stories make it seem all the more real and not something you can buy in the dollar store.

I've heard stories from people who broke up and told me stories that they “fell out of love” or that “there is absolutely no chemistry left”. Stories like this scare me. If nothing lasts forever, how can you love?

Why people fall in love with their partners

What exactly causes love to flee a once perfect relationship? Here are 10 reasons why love, despite promises, can sometimes wither into nothingness forever.

# 1 Love dies due to unrealistic expectations. When you're in love, you tend to get such unrealistic expectations for the whole relationship. While it doesn't hurt to put your partner on a pedestal, there is a fine line between idealism and blindness to the whole thing. Remember that all of these romantic films and novels have a one-dimensional feel for the characters and situations and your partner is just a person prone to weaknesses, prejudices and mistakes.

This is the beauty of real love choosing to love someone for all their weaknesses. Unrealistic expectations can destroy relationships, as expectations can lead to disappointment if those expectations are not met. Unfulfilled expectations can then lead to feelings of inadequacy and betrayal, which ultimately lead to the failure of a relationship.

# 2 Love dies because it wasn't built on solid foundations. When love is built on the weak foundation of self-doubt and dishonesty, it will eventually break down. Even good sex chemistry isn't solid enough to withstand the hurdles your relationship may face. As strong as the friendship may be, it cannot be the only foundation on which to work.

You need trust, respect and honesty. You need perseverance to pass the trials of love. Building a relationship on something as fleeting and weak as sex, falling in love, or flirting with one another only guarantees failure.

# 3 Love dies because it wasn't really love in the beginning. I've heard a lot of stories from couples who fell in love because they no longer felt it was love. Most people fall in love at the beginning of their relationship and tend to look at everything through rose-colored glasses.

Once the honeymoon is over, they find that things are no longer the way they used to be. The special thing about relationships is that it gets better when both parties grow and move forward together. When in love, the connection is only as fleeting as the initial stimulus of attraction.

# 4 Love dies because of treason. Trust is an expensive gift and should never be expected from cheap people. How far does the saying "once a cheater, always a cheater" go? To be honest, I knew what it was like to be with a cheater. I can tell you now that the experience is a terrible one and if you have been betrayed you get the feeling that you can never fully trust it again.

If one has been betrayed by the other, it can be difficult to trust that person again. Because of this, love dies a slow and painful death. It will be like living in a personal hell where your doubts and paranoia consume you and cause your relationship to collapse.

# 5 Love dies from fear. It's okay to be scared of losing your partner, but the problem arises when you're so scared of losing him that you end up doing irrational things to keep him close. Sometimes holding on to your partner too tightly can make them feel choked.

You may think that you are only doing what it takes to make your partner happy, but you would be surprised how good people can smell fear and despair. And when this penetrates your relationship, you will find that love is being marginalized.

# 6 Love dies from lack of growth. The years tend to change people, no matter how subtle the changes may be. Couples in a healthy relationship allow years to grow into better versions of themselves. They find ways to enrich their relationship and allow it to mature over time.

However, there are some couples who try so hard to keep their honeymoon going that the relationship never progresses. There are also some couples who pounce on each other to keep each other on the same level. These actions are only there to curb the growth of the relationship.

# 7 Love dies from old wounds and old lies. There are some old wounds that never really heal. It could come from the pain of betrayal or disappointment or resentment. Some old wounds can lead to resentment and pent-up anger. If these old problems remain unsolved, they fester and feed on the good things that are left in the relationship. This will help the couple realize that their pain, anger, or resentment is stronger than the love they show for one another.

# 8 Love dies when there is no trust or honesty in the relationship. The foundation of a good, solid relationship is trust. If you keep wondering where your partner is or constantly doubting your partner, you know something is wrong with your relationship.

Trust is what holds the relationship together. Trust is what gives you peace of mind in a relationship. Very often, many have found that they have invested too much trust in a relationship to waste.

# 9 Love dies from incompatibility. Although opposites can attract, compatibility is the decisive factor for a relationship in the long run. The love honeymoon would allow you to ponder all of your partner's flaws and quirks. But time will eventually allow you to see if your relationship will last.

This would allow you to open your eyes to the truth, and at times you will find that your ultimate incompatibility is driving you apart, no matter how great things were from the start.

# 10 Love dies because romance took over. Let's get one thing straight: romantic love got to die for a more mature love to grow and flourish. Romance can look and feel like real love at times, when it is actually a facade that hides the real problems in a relationship.

Love isn't all about romantic gestures, flowers, and candlelit dinners. Couples need to learn to get rid of the traps of romance to see that love is also about hard work, overcoming trials, and growing as a couple. When a couple is blinded by romance, it sees love, but it is an incomplete picture.

If you find that love has died in your relationship, don't let hope die with it.You can grieve and grieve, but in the end you need to know that you need to get up and move forward.