What is forbidden in art



Can you show Nazi art in a museum? The debate about how to deal with works of art from the National Socialist era continues to be controversial. It is less about the artistic value - which is largely assessed as manageable - but rather the question of whether and to what extent the art of the Nazi era should be made publicly accessible and conveyed. According to the authors of this volume, the works are informative documents to show how art was functionalized and put into service by the National Socialists. In several essays, relevant works of art are contextualized, analyzed from a historical and aesthetic point of view, traditions and semantics are described and political implications behind the pictures and sculptures are revealed. In addition, both contemporary art education and the debates of the past decades about Nazi art are discussed. Last but not least, the question is also asked how and where the National Socialist visual aesthetics and ideological concepts are taken up in circles of the New Right - for example in the form of the evocation of an idealized German everyday world or in recourse to ethnic phantasms. The book contains a selection of important avant-garde works of art from the 1930s and 1940s, which the National Socialists vilified and banned as "degenerate".

Editors: Silke von Berswordt-Wallrabe / Jörg-Uwe Neumann / Agnes Tieze, pages: 240, date of publication: 01.12.2016, place of publication: Bonn, order number: 1798