Who are Elon Musk's role models

Elon Musk: The Complete Story

There are few entrepreneurs that people are as fascinated with as Elon Musk. The head of Tesla and SpaceX, to name just the largest of his projects, has repeatedly drawn attention to himself with sensational news in recent years. Musk knows how to polarize. He is loved and hated alike, and few people are indifferent to him.


If you follow the media halfway carefully, you will inevitably be confronted with Elon Musk every day. And that's no wonder. After all, the founder and entrepreneur does not limit himself to one project at the same time, but rather dances at many weddings at the same time. Alternative banking, innovative automobiles, powerful rockets and renewable energies are the topics that are particularly close to his heart.

But what is actually behind the man from South Africa, who has turned so many industries upside down in his life and thereby became one of the richest people in the world?


Elon Musk | From vision to success



A life dedicated to innovation

Money is an interesting keyword in this context. There doesn't seem to be a lot of things that Musk doesn't care about as much as personal wealth. He was and is always willing to risk his now considerable fortune in order to finance a new idea or a new project. There is a lot to tell about his professional career so far.

The less official stories, in which one learns something about Musk's childhood, his early interests, his failures and his early career, are particularly interesting. Musk's private life also offers some interesting stories that have rarely been told in detail so far.



Exciting stations in a unique career

At internethandel this month you will come across a cover story that focuses entirely on Elon Musk and that brings you closer to the founder and entrepreneur right away. You will learn among other things:

• How Elon Musk grew up
• which first drew him to Canada and later to the USA
• with which early start-ups he laid the foundation for his corporations
• which topics are particularly important to you
• how Elon Musk's private life is shaped
• What fans and critics say about this unusual entrepreneur



What can be learned from Elon Musk

Anyone who knows e-commerce knows very well that the editors of the magazine would never do a cover story about a famous person in the business without asking what one can learn from them.

This issue also deals with this topic and tells both founders and established entrepreneurs exactly which suggestions can be received from Elon Musk and in which areas it is better not to use it as a source of inspiration.


Now learn successfully from Elon Musk