How is it that all people are not enlightened

Question: Why do you want to change the enlightened?

An enlightened question about my blog: Why do you make the awakened bad? Leave Mr. Eckhart Tolle his remaining, tiny ego or his little ignorance. Let's just be grateful that it exists. Maybe a little humility would be appropriate.


You are not the only awakened person who thinks you have to teach me that you shouldn't try to "change" the awakened or make them bad. Why do you read things that weren't even said?

Let me tell you why these articles about the enlightened exist. What can be observed is that the fans and followers of the enlightened think that there could be no more error with an enlightened one. You kneel in awe of every answer, even if it is Sarmapangoes on indefinitely while it completely ignores the question, and even if it is obvious nonsense. I want to dispel this prejudice of infallibility. With my blog I want to give all the unawakened, who also notice these things, a support so that they do not feel so alone with their observation.

They say that I should please leave Eckhart Tolle (and everyone else) as they are. I don't know where you read that on my blog, but you read something there that I haven't written anywhere. I am describing the enlightened as they are. This is not a change request! The teachers of enlightenment try to convey in their spiritual seminars and books that they have zero ego more, are only love and in spiritual thingsknow everything. And the poor seekers who willingly follow you there believe unshakably in this fairy tale.

They say: I should please leave Tolle his "tiny ego" and his "little ignorance". Where on earth did you read that I wouldn't let him do that?

Here is the main message of my blog and my book with the title “Nothing has to change”: Everyone, every event can stay as they are, including the awakened, of course. I don't want to change anyone, I don't make anyone bad either.
That is one of the other things I experience when dealing with the awakened. I give an observation, but you interpret it as a judgment / opinion / desire for change.

What is a judgment, what is an observation?

What is a judgment / opinion and what is an observation? If someone says: "You should forbid Muslim girls to wear a headscarf in school", then that is a judgment / opinion. Someone evaluates something here.
If someone says, "We noticed that the car has rust stains under the shiny paint" then that is ka judgment / opinion but an observation. Many car owners with such cars see it as a rating. "He makes our cars bad" or "He wants the cars to be different". No, he doesn't want to. I see people saying: “The beautiful paintwork goes to the bottom” and I continue to observe: “No, there is a lot of rust under the shiny paintwork”. That doesn't mean that it's good, that doesn't mean that it's bad, that doesn't mean that it should be different - Simply: I observe that the car owners pretend that there is no rust, but I can see rust. Read again carefully, I am trying to make observations. Many see evaluations and requests for change where there are none.

It has nothing to do with "humility" if you pretend that there is no rust and watch everyone around you cheer: "Oh wonder, an absolutely rust-free, shiny car"

When I say: Awakened people are mistaken, still have ego impulses, and consider themselves infallible, then that is an observation, but not a request for change.

I let them be as they are.

When I look at the attendees of Satsangs (spiritual seminars), I see that they assume a "perfection" of the enlightened one. "Everything that comes out of the master's mouth is the highest of all insights, there can be no errors."

If you look at Jesus as an enlightened one, you will see that 2 billion people live in this transfiguration. (Jesus had his bugs, like everyone else) And for this reason it is not so bad if someone says what many people can suppress or cannot see. But of course nothing has to change here either. There should only be a website with the errors of the enlightened for those who make the same observation, where they can see, "Ah, I am not alone with my observation."

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