Can lottery workers play the lottery

Player protection

“Responsible gambling” is the basis of our actions.

We pay great attention to the topic of responsible gaming and deliberately go beyond what is required by law with our requirements. Because with clear rules and preventive measures, problematic gambling behavior can often be avoided as soon as it emerges.

TV spot: Player protection at Austrian Lotteries

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Protection of minors

In April 2009, we introduced a voluntary self-restraint that only allows lottery products to be sold and winnings to be paid out to people over the age of 16. The purchase of sports betting products and participation in online gambling are, as stipulated by law, only permitted from the age of 18.

With this ban on selling betting slip and instant games to people under the age of 16, we are taking an important proactive step. Of course, our sales partners are particularly important, as they are contractually obliged to adhere to the age limit and are systematically checked within the framework of mystery shopping. Violations of self-restraint will be sanctioned. In individual cases, this can lead to the termination of the contract.

Approval of new sales partners is only possible after successfully completing a responsible gaming training course. In addition, our sales partners are trained at least once a year by the sales force on player protection issues. The basic training can be called up at any time directly via our online terminals in the acceptance points. This ensures that new employees can also receive comprehensive training in this area when they start working.

Free hotline, self-test and advice centers

It goes without saying that we are the first point of contact for questions from our game participants. We have therefore set up a free player protection hotline (Tel. 0800 202 304). On our Responsible Gaming website you will find information about the group's player protection measures. Recommendations on the responsible use of gambling and short films from experts and those affected invite you to deal with the topic. In addition to our hotline, the anonymous self-test and the current contact details of Austrian counseling centers offer initial assistance if necessary.