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Dubai - 11 good reasons for Dubai and what speaks against it!

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(Unpaid advertising) Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. I went to Dubai for the first time in November last year and I was pretty excited!

You can find out why the city is worth visiting and what speaks against a visit in my following post.

Burj Khalifa

Nice weather guarantee

99% of the time you always have beautiful weather. The temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees and only at night. The sun is almost always shining and the sky is mostly blue.

Short journey

From Germany you can be in Dubai in less than 6 hours. A short trip is therefore particularly suitable in winter when you don't have that much time and it's cold in Europe.

Shopping, Arab cultural treasures, desert and great beaches

No matter whether you want to go shopping, or would rather see old cultural treasures, lie on the beach all day or fancy a tour through the desert, all of this is possible in Dubai.

Luxury for little money

You keep getting cheap offers for the United Arab Emirates. The 4-star hotels are usually very luxurious by our standards, but the 5-star hotels are also cheap in Dubai. Here you have real luxury for little money. You can find great offers for hotels here. *

Good connections with Emirates

From Munich and some other large cities in particular, you have very good direct connections with Emirates. Often there are already offers for 400 euros there and back, sometimes even cheaper. Emirates has a high standard and you will also feel comfortable in economy class.

Impressive culture

Even if luxury screams at every corner, the architectural architecture is simply impressive. The buildings are all modern, huge and glow in the brightest colors at night. In the artists' quarter of Bastakiya, on the other hand, you can see the old Arab houses that were built by Persian merchants at the beginning of the 20th century. You can't get more contrast!

The tallest building in the world is in Dubai

The tallest building in the world can be found in Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is over 800 meters high. From above you have a breathtaking view over Dubai!

Great possibilities for excursions

Whether you want to let off steam in the water park, ski in the indoor ski area, prefer to go ice skating or go on a desert tour. There are hardly any limits to your imagination in Dubai and there is hardly anything that you cannot find here.

Shopping centers

There are so many shopping centers there, but one of the largest is - how could it be otherwise - in Dubai, of course. Right next to the Burj Khalifa you will find the “Dubai Mall”, here you could spend several days.

Delicious meal

If you love food, you will feel very comfortable in Dubai. Here you will find great food locations with everything you can imagine. The food is usually served well and tastes very good.

Easy entry

Entry from Germany is very easy. If you have a German passport, you do not need a visa. Upon entry you will receive a stamp in your passport, just like when you leave the country. You can find the exact entry requirements here.

Dubai Marina

Why you still have to consider your visit!

I can only rave about Dubai, you should have already noticed that from my 11 good reasons for a trip. But every coin has two sides. Therefore I would like to shed light on the other side and also point out the negative experiences and grievances.

Modern world / worldview

Dubai is modern and cosmopolitan. But that stops with the worldview. You simply must not forget that despite all the "modernity" you are traveling in the United Arab Emirates. The not appreciative ideas towards women are clearly noticeable. Unfortunately, I wasn't just stared at once, even though I kept myself very covered in terms of clothing. Especially in the metro I was sometimes really gawked at. As a woman, you shouldn't look men in the eyes either, as this can be seen as an "invitation".

Prohibition and information signs

Due to the religious beliefs, it is not allowed to hold hands or to have any other physical contact (hugging, etc.) in public, signs everywhere indicate this. The signs also indicate that clothing must be appropriate (knees covered, not too tight, etc.) and a host of other prohibitions / rules of conduct.


Another topic that preoccupied me was the rape of a young woman in Dubai, who was then sentenced to lashes (!!!). The idea here is very different from the western world. The woman is believed to have seduced the man, so of course the man is innocent. Women are therefore advised not to report such acts, otherwise they will be punished themselves. This idea alone is so absurd that I don't want to go into it any further. Homosexuality is also a criminal offense. You should therefore be careful not to attract attention. When you travel to Dubai you should be aware of this.

Madinat Jumareih

Dubai yes or no?

I was also a little torn before my trip to Dubai. Actually, I don't want to support such ideas, but I was simply won over by the reasons that speak for Dubai. Dubai is a city of superlatives that always builds everything a bit more luxurious, bigger and more beautiful. That's why it's worth a visit, simply because of the large number of options the city has to offer.

Have you ever been to Dubai? How did you like it?

You will find out the best sights and what you can experience in Dubai in this article.

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