Has Mueller Trump in his sights

New York Times report : Russia special investigator is now also targeting Trump's companies

According to a report, the Russia special investigator Robert Mueller is forcing the Donald Trumps company to surrender all documents related to Russia. The "New York Times" reported on Thursday.

The subpoena is the first to go directly to the Trump Organization in connection with the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. It had been delivered in the past few weeks.

With this approach, Mueller is getting closer to the US president. The action against the umbrella organization of Trump's companies is not without danger for the special investigator. Defense lawyers for the US president have long accused Mueller of exceeding his powers and improperly expanding his mandate.

Trump has warned Mueller of a "red line"

Trump himself had told the “New York Times” in July 2017 that if Mueller wanted to be interested in his family's finances beyond a connection with Russia, he would cross a “red line”.

According to the report, Mueller is investigating the possible role of foreign money in funding Trump's election campaign. A lawyer for the Trump Organization - Michael Cohen - is said to have written that he had connections to Russia's President Vladimir Putin: The construction of a Trump Tower in Russia could therefore have a positive effect on Trump's election campaign.

The summons also makes it clear that Mueller's investigations will not be completed for months. (dpa)

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