Which medical faculties should I apply to?

Application in the first semester


Medicine and dentistry are centrally assigned courses nationwide. Germans, foreign students and foreigners from the EU apply for the Selection rates: "Best Abitur", "Additional aptitude quota (ZEQ)" and "University selection procedure (AdH)" directly at the Foundation for University Admission (hochschulstart.de). Documents received at the university will not be counted.




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Information on the "Additional aptitude quota (ZEQ)" and the "University Selection Process (AdH)" at Heidelberg University


In the following document we explain the rough application process in the main quotas and provide information about the additional aptitude quota (ZEQ) and the university's selection process (AdH), as it should be carried out at Heidelberg University: Application information sheet


Even in the new selection process, the test for medical degree programs (TMS) has a major influence on the chances of admission in Heidelberg. We definitely recommend participating in the TMS - even if you have a very good high school diploma! With a good result, you can significantly improve your chances of getting a university place. Even a high school diploma does not guarantee a place at university without TMS! All information about this at: www.tms-info.org


All the details are also in ours Selection statute anticipated.


If you would like personal advice on the "Additional aptitude quota (ZEQ)" and the "University selection procedure (AdH)" or on the TMS, we can be reached all year round on Tuesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. via our information hotline:


Info phone: 06221 - 566807


During the TMS registration phase (December 1 to January 15) and during the application phase for the degree program (June 1 to July 15), the info phone is manned at additional times, please note the announcement on the info phone.


Our colleagues from Service portal of the University of Heidelberg gladly available.



Not EU foreigners


Non-EU foreigners will be in their own Advance quota selected and apply in Online portal for international prospective students directly at Heidelberg University (International Relations Department).




Other Information



  • Time schedule
    Until you have to apply to hochschulstart.de, when will the notifications be sent
  • Recognition of foreign certificates
    For Germans and EU foreigners without a German university entrance qualification
  • Studying without a university entrance qualification (professionally qualified)
    Opportunities for admission for professionally qualified people
  • Hardship application
    Hardship applications are only processed by Hochschulstart, the university has no influence on them
  • Second degree applicants
    Advance quota for everyone who has already completed a degree in Germany
  • Lottery procedure
    If not all study places could be allocated in the main and replacement procedure in the AdH, the remaining places will be raffled.
  • matriculation
    A personal appearance is required for enrollment in the 1st semester
  • Proof of language proficiency
    Foreign applicants must prove when enrolling (not when applying) that they have sufficient knowledge of German.
  • Orientation test
    Proof of participation in a study orientation process is an admission requirement. Proof of this does not have to be presented until enrollment.
  • Nursing internship
    The nursing internship is not relevant for the application / admission, but since it is required in the course of studies, it is possible to do this before the start of the course
  • Dentistry and human medicine
    The dentistry curriculum in Heidelberg is strongly adapted to the requirements of dentistry and geared towards the profession of dentist. In the preclinical subjects of medicine (in particular anatomy, biochemistry / molecular medicine and physiology), dental and medical students will receive specific performance certificates.